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TNO is a prominent, independent knowledge company whose expertise and research contributes significantly to the competitiveness of businesses and organisations, to the economy and to the quality of life as a whole. Versatility and capacity to integrate this knowledge makes TNO unique. TNO employs some 4300 professionals.

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Province of Noord Brabant, NL
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  • Ria Hein, Noord-Brabant Development Agency (BOM)
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Innovation is key in the medical sector and new technologies enable the innovation process to a large extent. TNO is focusing on technology areas with high potential for innovation that can fulfil the market needs both short and long term. Together with stakeholders such as care providers, medical industries, patient groups and medical insurance companies, we explore new business opportunities and realise technological advances in new products and services.

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TNO capabilities within the medical field

Micro precision medical equipment Important treatment and analysis are enabled by microsystems and micro precision technology including lab-on-chip systems for sample preparation and subsequent DNA/RNA extraction from biofluids.

Human modelling & control

We use biomechanical models to analyse the musculo-skeleton interaction and mechanical load on body parts. Hereby, we can optimise the body posture, movement, balance, rehabilitation, sports, fitness training and medical intervention.

Body devices

Wearable devices that can monitor human performance and health parameters and wearable actuators for active treatment of tissue and organs, for support or even replacement of specific body functions.

Biomedical nanomaterials

Our nanomaterials play an important role in realising new functionalities in pharma and medical: ranging from nano-encapsulated drugs for delivery on demand to tissue engineering and biocompatible coatings on medical components.

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