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Thuja Capital is a professional investor (venture capital) in early-stage companies that are active in the field of medical product development, in particular therapeutics, medical devices, diagostics as well as cross-over products.

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Financial Services / Investor / Venture Capital
Sector of activity
  • Consulting (Other)
  • Venture Capital
Province of Gelderland, NL
Regional access broker
  • Karien Croezen, Oost N.V. & Health Valley
Activity description
Know-how, expertise available

We have ample experience with the development of medical products, understand the complexity, the regulatory frameworks, and appreciate the commercial potential of business propositions. We are able to add strategic value and have access to an extensive network of relevant players in the field.

We are able to quickly analyse a business proposition and pinpoint the weaknesses. We will zoom in on the strong and weak points of the science, medical need, proposed solution, strategy, the operational development plan (steps, timelines, const estimates), the team and organisation, as well as the commercial attractiveness and overall feasibility. Over the past decade we have seen and analysed a great number of diverse business propositions of varying quality and ambition levels. In addition we have been and are still active as investors and supervisory board members of a number of biotech and medtech companies. This has generated a large database of valuable information at our disposal. In addition, we have built a large network of scientists, doctors and professional parties, that we can leverage. We consider  propositions from the perspective of a venture capital investor, i.e. with a focus on the potential for a return-on-investment. When a proposition is not immediately attractive we may be able to help and improve on the strategy in such a way that the potential for an interesting return on investment becomes significantly better, and hence the chance of the proposition to attract funding.

Services provided

We can deliver the following forms of consultancy:

  • Formulating a strategy and the operational development plan that follows from such a strategy
  • Analyse a business plan and pinpoint the strong and weak points, and indicate how to improve the weak points
  • Map options for financing/funding a proposition
  • Help improving an investor pitch
  • Conduct competitive landscaping on the basis of desk research
Targeted countries

We primarily, but not exclusively, focus on companies with a presence in the Dutch language area within the Benelux, i.e. The Netherlands and Flanders. 

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+31 (0) 30 253 3849
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Yalelaan 40
3584 CM  Utrecht