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SIBELEX Consulting Group is the specialized advisor on business issues in life sciences.

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Biotechnology R&D Company - Diagnostics / Devices and Diagnostics Services
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  • Consulting (Other)
  • Business development
  • Information Technology
  • Management Consulting
  • In vitro Diagnostics
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  • Annick Pierrard, Interface Enterprises-University of Liège
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With a global presence and local expertise across five continents, we know the pulse of the market – anticipating change, understanding its impact and resolving the challenges it brings. From pricing and market access and marketing issues to product, portfolio and geographic investment decisions – our life sciences consulting teams offer insights that drive results. All backed by the strongest evidence and analytics.

§ Strategic Partnering: Focusing resources more effectively, and increasing product pipeline productivity and value through regulatory and product development partnerships
§ Product Globalization: Identifying and penetrating global markets by combining proven strategies with local knowledge and expertise

§ Development Optimization: Building a robust product pipeline, getting optimal product regulatory classification, and obtaining first cycle approvals

§ Reimbursement and Market Access: Developing products with a goal of maximizing patient access and reimbursement
§ Strategic GCP/GMP Compliance: Managing the risk of product safety, delays, and failures on a global scale

§ Biologics Development and Commercialization: Bringing advanced therapeutics to market, such as Mabs, growth factor, hormones, fusion proteins, cytokines, therapeutic enzymes, recombinant vaccines, blood factors, and anticoagulants

§ Medical Device Development and Commercialization:Comprehensive global development, commercialization, and proactive compliance of devices, diagnostics, and combination products

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Expert in Strategy to Export recognized by the Walloon Export Agency
Specialist in Foreign trade recognized by the Walloon Export Agency

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+32( 0 ) 475 48 99 83
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