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Seijgraaf Advisory Group originated in 2012 from Seijgraaf Consultancy BV. This company has since 1985 been active in the field of health care financing in the Netherlands. Since 2012, Seijgraaf Consultancy BV, together with two new companies, namely Med.Legal Advocacy and IHC Consultancy BV, forms Seijgraaf Advisory Group.

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Service Provider - Professional Advisor /Consultant / Legal / Accounting
Sector of activity
  • Consulting (Other)
  • Business development
  • Management Consulting
  • Market studies
  • Marketing & Promotion
Province of Noord Brabant, NL
Regional access broker
  • Ria Hein, Noord-Brabant Development Agency (BOM)
Activity description
The 3 top equipments available

By combining the activities of these three companies, it is possible to provide the customer with strategic and legal knowledge and implementation in the field of health care financing.

Know-how, expertise available

The expertise of Seijgraaf Consultancy involves several areas:

Market access
Because of our extensive knowledge and experience, Seijgraaf Consultancy is able to advice and to provide guidance throughout the process, from product development to the eventual market entrance, and all phases in between. Together with the manufacturers or distributors of pharmaceutical products, medical devices or medical technology, we develop and execute the best strategy for a successful market introduction of the new product.

Seijgraaf offers its services for strategic advice, (guidance during) building the necessary files, project management, or a combination of these activities.

For a successful market introduction of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and medical technologies, it's of great importance that the product or the device fits in the reimbursement system we have in the Netherlands (system with Health Insurance companies). Seijgraaf Consultancy knows what it takes to achieve this, and gives advice during the composition of the necessary files where reimbursement can be based upon and is able to do the whole process to obtain reimbursement.

Because of our extensive knowledge, experience and networks, Seijgraaf is a great defender of the interests of its clients: (organisations of) manufacturers, distributors as well as practitioners. Med.Legal Advocacy focuses on the legal side of the structure and financing of the health sector. You can come here for both advice and legal procedures.

Strategy development
By using brain storm sessions, market research and analysis of (European) options, Seijgraaf assists in the positioning of products on the Dutch and/or on the European market, and in the development of healthcare concepts.

Knowledge development
Besides using our knowledge and experience in the field of healthcare financing for our customers, Seijgraaf values the development of this knowledge among our customers and the organisations we collaborate with. We transfer our knowledge in various ways: by organising and providing lectures, courses, expert meetings or congresses.

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Mr Ron de Graaff
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00.31.6 53 32 35 08
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Kadijk 15 a
2104 AA  Heemstede