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A Belgian Spin-Off specialized in food safety & quality, has developed a metagenomics approach applied to food products. This rapid analytical method is able to identify in one analysis the most of the micro-organisms present in food products.The company is looking for technical agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

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Scientific Society
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  • Bacteriology
  • Food Technology and Processing
  • High Throughput Screening
  • Microbiology
  • Molecular biology
Region of Wallonia, BE
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  • Annick Pierrard, Interface Enterprises-University of Liège
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Metagenomics is a recent discipline based on high-throughput sequencing technology. This technology allows the DNA of most of microorganisms present in an ecosystem (bacteria/yeasts /moulds) to be identified. This will help to determine how the microbial flora will influence the product shelf-life, its taste and technological or organoleptic features.
The most studied ecosystems at the moment are intestinal flora, soils and marine environments. The spin-off has recently invested in this technology with the aim of applying it to the agro-food sector.
In fact, agro-food metagenomic offers revolutionary possibilities and represents a complete change in technology compared to traditional methods of analysis.

This technology provides an answer to many problems encountered by professionals in the agro-food industry:
• Which bacteria are responsible for any alterations of my product? • Why is one batch in conformity, and another is not?

• How can I improve the shelf life of my product?
• How does the flora evolve over time?
• What will be the effect of changing a recipe, packaging?
• What effect will the use of a barrier flora have?

• May I replace additives with a flora ?

The laboratory is now in position to provide a unique offer based on the expertise of a multi- disciplinary team (bio-informatician, molecular biologist, taxonomist, foodstuffs technologist). This new offer will fullfil the requirements of an ever-growing market by

Quality labels and accreditations

Quality Partner is specialised in quality control for all agri-food sectors. Quality Partner is an analysis and studies laboratory, an inspection and a certification body.
Quality Partner offers its services with the quality, reliability and independence that are guaranteed by the relevant regional, national and international authorities.
Quality Partner holds BELAC accreditations according to ISO 17025 (analysis) and ISO 17.020 (inspections) global standards. It is also accredited for product certification according to the EN 45.011 European standard, and for Systems certification according to the ISO17.021 standard.

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Jean Yves
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+32 4 240 75 00
Rue Haeyneux 62
4040  Herstal