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QM Diagnostics is a diagnostic microbiological laboratory for health monitoring of small laboratory animals, in particular rodents and rabbits. QMD is an international operating, independent, certified and innovating company in an academic environment with more than 35 years of experience.
QMD offers her customers a complete range of in-house validated tests and complementary consultancy services to help her clients with the interpretation of test results.

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Biotechnology R&D Company - Diagnostics / Devices and Diagnostics ServicesAcademic/University
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  • Animal Health Products
  • Animal models
  • Diagnostics / Devices and Services
  • Transgenic Animals
Province of Gelderland, NL
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  • Karien Croezen, Oost N.V. & Health Valley
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QM Diagnostics offers a comprehensive independent, high quality-standardized microbiological health monitoring program for laboratory animals, as well as diagnostic problem solving and consultation.
The diagnostic service comprises virology, bacteriology, parasitology, mycology, pathology and molecular biology.

QM Diagnostics can also assist in testing the microbiological status of the environment as well as sterility controls of your consumables (e.g. after autoclavation). In addition anaerobic bacteria or any other specific flora can be cultured on request.

Quality labels and accreditations

QM Diagnostics is a certified laboratory that has been accredited by the Dutch CCKL (Coordination Committees for the promotion of Quality control of Laboratory tests in the field of health care) organisation under certificate number 92. CCKL is the accrediting authority recognized by the Dutch Council for Accreditations.

QM Diagnostics has been designated by ICLAS (International Council of Laboratory Animal Sciences) as an Animal Quality Network Member (

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de Bruin
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+31 (0)24 3615433
Geert Grooteplein 29
6523 EZ  Nijmegen