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Pivot Park Screening Centre has a long history in automation of in-vitro experiments. We offer high throughput screening services, , assay development/optimisation and access to a library of more than 200.000 high quality drug-like compounds. We also offer an open-access lab with a broad selection of instruments for efficient execution of a wide range of in-vitro experiments.

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Service Provider - CMO / CROTechnology Park
Province of Noord Brabant, NL
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  • Ria Hein, Noord-Brabant Development Agency (BOM)
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Established in 2012 as a spin-off from Organon/MSD, the Pivot Park Screening provides an open, innovative setting for automation and extensive cellular and biochemical in-vitro screening experiments in two industrial-scale labs.
Our ASPIRE lab, already in use for several years, now offers open-access availability for performing automated in-vitro screening experiments on both chemical and biological samples. This extremely flexible system runs a wide variety of cellular and biochemical assays and provides extensive support for sample handling and multiplication in microtitre plates. External partners can perform their experiments efficiently using their own biology and our automation. The Pivot Park Screening centre team is on-hand to provide biological and technical knowledge on assay automation and ensure that customers have a smooth automation experience.
Our uHTS lab hosts a brand new robotic system designed for (ultra) High Throughput Screening campaigns. The system can run the major HTS assay technologies based on fluorescence, luminescence and absorption readouts and produce up to 300.000 datapoints per day. It also includes a wide range of high performance liquid handling instruments, enabling the easy optimisation of assays. Acoustic dispensing technology allows for the contact free, low volume handling of compound solutions and facilitates the cherry picking of active compounds on-line. The lab also provides online storage for up to 2.5 million samples in sealed microtitre plates in a controlled environment. Using our expertise in assay development and automation, we optimise the assay for automation and screen either the customer’s or our own compound collection.

In summary, the Pivot Park Screening Centre offers:
1. an open access screening facility for efficiently performing a wide range of in-vitro experiments in micro titer plates
2. an ultra high throughput screening facility for screening large compound libraries
3. a high quality library of drug-like molecules
4. extensive experience in automation and assay development

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van Helden
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+31 (0)6 5198 8710
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