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Manufacturer of extractions of plants mixed with vitamins and minerals food supplements. Specialyzed in water and alcohol based extractions, vegetable microbeads and delayed release effect. We have our own product rage and have tailor made products for our customers.
We also offer our customers our expertise in regulatory affairs in Belgium.

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Region of Wallonia, BE
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  • Annick Pierrard, Interface Enterprises-University of Liège
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We have a very large experience in the fields of conception, development, regulations, and the making of food supplements and of food supplements on microbeads with or without a delayed released effect. We manufacture also health supplements and other products for sporting or for veterinary use.
Our manufacturing site is situated in France and certified ISO 9001 and GMP. We can also make organic productions certified ECOCERT.
Our assets
1. An experienced team, flexible, innovative and working in diverse fields (herbals, pharmacists and biologists). This team works in synergy to offer you high quality products.
2. A large choice in raw materials and a large assortment of articles in a standard conditioning.
3. Various galenic forms:
• microbeads in caps,
• syrups and other liquids in ampoules, bottles or vials,
4. Each request is treated individually and confidentially in the respect of mutual collaboration.
We can furnish you the products either:
• Under private labeling: all our standard products are available for selling under your own brand name from 50 units
• Custom made: we can make the products according to your own formula or develop a new formula according to your wishes, from 45.000 caps. These formulas can be with a single plant or a complex regrouping various plants, minerals and vitamins.
All our products are delivered with a quality control and a nutritional analysis in accordance with European legislation.
Our customers are:
• Distributors of food supplements for human and veterinary use.
• Distributors of cosmetics.
• Food supplements manufacturers.
• Health-food stores.
• Mail order, door-to-door sales and internet sales companies.

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