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Outsourcing the Grant Management and/or Project Management assignments of innovation processes is a wise allocation of resources. This leaves the company free to focus on its core business and to develop and maintain its core crucial resources. To this end, Osinno builds on its expertise and experience acquired in the field to look for public financing and set-up and manage innovative projects.

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Service Provider - CMO / CRO
Regions of Pays de la Loire, Centre and Poitou-Charentes, FR
Regional access broker
  • Grégory Bauer, Atlanpole Biotherapies
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The 3 top equipments available

"Personalized" or overall services according to the project needs
2 examples:
- Project Management: 4 phases:
•Initiation phase: understanding of the business and technical objectives
•Project Planning Phase: writing of a detailed project plan including a risk management plan and quantifiable deliverables
•Project Execution and Control Phase: monitoring of the project team and cost at all times
•Project Close-out phase, including a final report

- Grant Management: 4 phases:
•Identification of the most promising grant opportunities according to the project
•Writing and filing grant applications
•Providing assistance during proposal evaluation and contract negociation
•Follow-up of the application (preparation of intermediate and final reports, help you ensuring that you fully comply with all requirements)

Know-how, expertise available

Whatever the project, the required expertises are the same: Management of time, procurement, finance, human resources, risk, quality as well as communications; Technical understanding; Partnerships.
The Service is carried out by a senior consultant with an extensive hands-on experience in each of these management areas due to her previous positions as CEO, CSO and Head of laboratory in the biotech sector.

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