Open Lab facility CIRE (Center for Imaging Research and Education)

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General description

One of the most complete laboratory for public and Private Research and Development. Research facilities have been combined at one location. In this way innovations in the area of medical imaging for diagnostic and treatment are accelerated. This location also offers a state environment as an education and trainings facility for professionals in research and clinical practices.

Ample equipment is available for research in the areas of chemistry, radiochemistry, biology and medical imaging.

Province of Noord Brabant, NL
Regional access broker
  • Ria Hein, Noord-Brabant Development Agency (BOM)
Activity description
The 3 top equipments available
  • Medical Imaging equipment (MRI, Ultra Sound)
  • Chemistry
  • Bio Medical Lab
Know-how, expertise available

Open Lab facility CIRE offers clinical research, medical imaging technology and multidiciplinary research.

In combination with the additional facilities for prototyping and product development, within the surrounding eco system at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, makes it an ideal place for the translation of scientific results into clinical practices.

Next to the Education, and Research the Valorisation track is clearly aligned with the Dutch Top Sectors “Life Sciences & Health” and “High Tech Systems & Materials”

 Multidisciplinary Research is done with groups from universities, medical centers and industry. All cooperating to find innovative solutions, relevant for the public health sector.
Scientists are using the facilities for the development of new materials, devices for diagnostics and treatment.

The facilities are intended and set for common use and offers a unique possibility for Education and Research in the area of Medical imaging.

These new facilities largely contribute to an attractive business climate for start-ups and SME’s in this filed.  To stimulate this Innovation, vouchers are made available to gain access to these facilities and the experts (under certain conditions).

Examples are: Image guided intervention, targeted drug delivery, combinations of Ultra sound and MRI.

Possibilities of partnership

Facility sharing, Education, Research and Valorisation

Services provided
  • Lab facilities for and around Medical Imaging (other application areas not excluded)
  • Research: Joint Research Projects
  • Education: Master, PDEng (professional engineering) and PhD tracks
  • Business Development
  • Research Consultancy
Training and Staff possibilities
Contact information
Phone number
+31 40 247 3043
Email address
High Tech Campus
5600 JW  Eindhoven