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myFLYINGFISH was founded by Sabine Mpacko, an international marketing specialist with a broad professional knowledge in strategic and operational trade show marketing. With years of experience in pharma industry she provides consulting, services and training especially for small and medium-sized enterprises from pharma, biotech and medtech sector. myFLYINGFISH compensates their lack of internal resources and experience in professional trade show intelligence and trade show marketing.

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State of Lower Saxony, DE
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  • Annika Buchholz, BiomeTI e.V.
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Trade shows are a target-rich environment. Correctly used they can be the most effective marketing tool and the best opportunity for information gathering. This is particularly applicable to small and medium-sized enterprises. 

Therefore it is surprising how many people still think that exhibiting is just something you do. Planning and training is often poor as well as the follow-ups. Only 29 % of the companies that participate in trade shows have evolved specific trade show objectives, and only half of those actually pursue these objectives. 80% of the exhibitors fail to follow up their leads. 

myFLYINGFISH provides consulting, services and training in 

- trade show marketing
- strategic and operational trade show management
- trade show intelligence

 to enable you to
- treat your trade show participation as an integral part of your marketing efforts
- successfully plan and organize your trade show participations and to follow-up your leads
- optimize your return on investment of trade show participations
- use trade show for competitive intelligence and protect your company from competitors at trade shows

We help business professionals from pharma, biotech and medtech industries to make the most of the competitive opportunities offered by trade shows, conferences and conventions.



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myFLYINGFISH is experienced in organizing trade show participations, consulting and training worldwide.
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myFLYINGFISH provides training courses in

  • strategic trade show marketing
  • trade show intelligence
  • staff training for trade shows
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+49 (0)511 76 999 12
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30173  Hannover