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Software Solutions and Services for hospitals and private practices

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Service Provider - CMO / CROIT/ Software Solutions Provider
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  • Annick Pierrard, Interface Enterprises-University of Liège
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MIMS : informatics for hospitals
Since more than 15 years, MIMS is fully commited to deliver high quality medical software.
With a full range of mature solutions, MIMS is the leader in informatics for medical care, covering the 3 main hospital activities (medical, nursing, management). All products can be fully integrated into existing solutions.
The patient medical file Omnipro is a software suite well adapted to the needs of the various health actors : doctors of every discipline, nurses, paramedical actors and hospital managers. These modules are designed to interact with each other. Omnipro manages the full dataset of the patient and drive its complete dataflow from start to end. Those modules are full of parameters and then can be adapted to any practice in any usage context.
The patient medical file Omnipro has its « private doctors » version carying the same caracteristics and properties, so that doctors feel confortable with its use in booth environments. Files for specialists have been developped for every discipline and MIMS cares about optimizing a bidirectional communication between private pratices and hospitals.
MIMS is also performing in service delivery. Today, half of the company is dedicated to the analysis of customer needs, software parameters and integration, team training, project management and Return-On-Investment studies.
Based on this 20 years experience, MIMS is from now on investing in quality management. Qualified and certified employees are working on dashboards, accreditation, process survey models, data warehouse and business intelligence.
MIMS main objective is delivering the highest quality service and effectively supporting its customers in their business.

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