Kinase Inhibitor Specialized Screening facility (KISSf)

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The KISSf core facility is the result of 30 years of research carried out at the Roscoff Biological Station on cellular division in marine models. There is a great new Coupon Code for <a href="">old navy coupons</a> you 20% off your entire purchase online only!

Advanced studies on cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs), involved in a wide-range of human diseases, led to the discovery of several chemical inhibitors for new targeted therapies (notably roscoviti

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  • Cancer / Oncology
  • Infectious diseases
  • Marine biology
  • Screening
Region of Bretagne, FR
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  • Céline Queron, CRITT Santé Bretagne
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The 3 top equipments available

Automated kinase testing: plate preparation, reaction and incubation are handled by a liquid handling robot (Perkin Multiprobes II HT and II STD). The radioactive-labelled substrate binds to the phosphocellulose filter (Perkin Filtermate). The filter is then cleaned in order to remove excess radioactive tracer. Results are obtained by liquid scintillation counting coupled with an automatic 96-well microplate dispenser (Perkin Top Count NXT).

Know-how, expertise available

KISSf is part of USR3151 – CNRS (the French National Center for Scientific Research).  The team of USR3151 includes 3 researchers (INSERM and CNRS).

Services provided

The Kinase Inhibitor Screening Core Facility ‘KISSf' offers medium throughput screening services (2500 compounds/day) for assessing the bioactive properties of small chemical compounds (SCC). Analyses are realized using a panel of selected disease-related protein kinases in order to evaluate the therapeutic properties of SCC of interest. Fields of application depend on the kinases being targeted. Mitotic kinases for cancer ; PfAurora, PfNeks and LmAurora for parasitic diseases such as malaria (in this case, parallel screenings may be carried out in order to compare the specific inhibition of parasite kinases vs. human kinases).

Terms of availability for SMEs

The core facility is open to all academic and private research projects. Guidelines for submitting a project: 1. Please submit projects by email 2. Projects are reviewed and selected (by the head of the CNRS USR3151 unit + the person in charge of the core facility) 3. Selected projects: preliminary meeting and discussion of the project with the team (a schedule is determined for running the analyses) 4. Terms and Conditions are validated and a contract is signed by both parties 5. Samples are received 6. Work is carried out in compliance with the agreed Terms and Conditions 7. The final study report is submitted

Quality labels and accreditations

By the end of 2013, we have planed to obtain the NF EN IS9001 quality label. The facility is a member of Biogenouest and Cancéropôle Grand-Ouest Networks.

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Research Ingeneer CNRS - Head of Screening Facility
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+33 2 98 29 23 91
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Station Biologique
Place Georges Teissier 90074
29688  Roscoff