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We provide experience and knowledge in life sciences research, intellectual property, finance and deal making, life science enterprise valuation and (investment) management. We invest in (starting) life sciences and medical technology companies, in which we are members of the team developing and executing an integrated strategy comprising intellectual property, R&D and business development. 

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Service Provider - Professional Advisor /Consultant / Legal / Accounting
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  • Business development
  • Patent and Intellectual Property (IP) Services
Province of Gelderland, NL
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  • Karien Croezen, Oost N.V. & Health Valley
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Understanding and aiding the maturation of your business case

Management and financial capabilities are often provided by VCs and/or life science funds. IP strategy and research guidance, however, are typically lacking and need to be hired as the need arises. In our experience, this guidance and strategy need to be implemented at latest at the very start of a company and monitored on a regular basis. JPWaVe provides strategic intellectual property services and provides assistance in or management of the commercialization of immaterial assets such as patents. JPWaVe’s scope of services also includes technology assessments, valid and useful scope analyses of IP portfolio’s, freedom-to-operate analyses, IP litigation and technology transfer, all in the field of life sciences. JPWaVe is and has been involved in technology assessments for M&A, license negotiations, litigation and due diligences. Core expertises include virology, protein technology, and monoclonal antibodies.

Services provided

Founding and Investing in (starting) enterprises

JPWaVe founds and invests in life science companies and has (direct and indirect) holdings in companies such as APO-T (Rotterdam), Crossbeta Biosciences (Utrecht), Merus (Utrecht) and Cortius (Nijmegen).


Alignment of Strategies: the basis for creating value from immaterial assets

JPWaVe analyses the immaterial assets of its clients and of investment propositions. The main concept of this analysis is the alignment of R&D, IP, and Business strategies. In short: any research organization needs to have a research and development strategy that fits the (future) business strategy. Only then a matching IP strategy can be developed. In that process the spearheads of the (future) business need to be identified, which will determine the goals for the R&D strategy and thus determine the relevant immaterial asset positions necessary to support the (future) business strategy. With JPWaVe’s expertise in the Business Side of Intellectual Property, clients are supported to integrate an intellectual property strategy in an overall company strategy, enabling the creation of value from immaterial assets.

Market expertise
JPWaVe operates worldwide from its offices in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. The professionals at JPWaVe travel around the world, including the USA and Japan, on a regular basis, on behalf of their clients.
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managing partner, co-founder
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+31 33 46 32 606
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Utrechtseweg 223
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