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ISOTOP-4-LIFE is the first consortium dedicated to Radioisotopes applications which aims to mutualise and coordinate skills and actors concerned by the use of radioisotopes for health in order to overcome hurdles to innovation in the radiopharmaceutical domain.

ISOTOP-4-LIFE is a one-stop offer providing R&D, technology transfer and industrialisation capacities. It is also a commercial coordination offer with an identified gate for Pharmaceutical industry.

Regions of Pays de la Loire, Centre and Poitou-Charentes, FR
Regional access broker
  • Grégory Bauer, Atlanpole Biotherapies
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The general vision of ISOTOP-4-LIFE is to associate Industrials & Academics in order to:

■overcome hurdles to innovation by reducing the gap between research and clinical applications,
■select and validate biomolecules integrating preclinical and clinical evaluation tools at very early stage,
■promote personalized medicine to adapt the right treatment and the right dose to the right patient,
■accelerate R&D on radioconjugates for diagnosis and therapy providing a whole chain value,
■facilitate transfer to patient with the production of small batches for clinical evaluation and radiopharmaceutical production for multi-sites clinical trials,
■optimize quality, safety and radioprotection by using innovative radioprotection and injection devices,
■spread the knowledge via teaching, conferences, international expert networks,
The main goal of ISOTOP-4-LIFE is to facilitate the use of Radiopharmaceuticals for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Know-how, expertise available

* Radionuclides

We associate actors interested in Radionuclides production or Derivates products. Association of them results in providing innovative products or solutions integrating complementary skills of the participants.
For example: generators, radioprotected injection devices, imaging solutions….

*Whole body Imaging

We associate actors interested in Biomolecules evaluation, using radioactive tools, through usual methods completed by molecular imaging either at preclinical or clinical stage. Association of them results in providing innovative services or solutions integrating complementary skills of the participants.
For example: Bioanalysis, Pharmacokinetic and ADME, Biodistribution, TEP or SPECT imaging, clinical studies phases: 0, I, II….

* Radioconjugates

associate actors interested in providing services and solutions in regards to Research and Development of Radioconjugates. Small molecules or Biomolecules can be radiolabeled in order to provide diagnostic and therapeutical tools. Association of these actors results in providing innovative services or solutions integrating complementary skills of the participants.
For example: New tracers for Hypoxia, radiolabeled peptides for diagnosis, radiolabeled antibodies for RadioImmunoTherapy, …..


Possibilities of partnership

A one-stop shop offer dedicated to the use of radioisotopes which aims to mutualise and structure resources and actors dedicated to the use of radioisotopes for health applications.

ISOTOP4LIFE is a unique association of industrials and academics sharing the same vision « innovate and create to protect life », together to propose services and products, R&D projects coordination, industrialisation but also marketing: an identified gate for pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries.

All partners of ISOTOP4LIFE are members of Atlanpole Biotherapies and therefore already constituted under an association.

In addition all ISOTOP4LIFE partners have signed a charter of functioning describing and regulating rights and duties and confidentiality.

How we work
1- Fill the web site contact form gives direct access to ISOTOP4LIFE manager in charge of coordination and project flow management.

Coming on behalf of one of the members will conduct to the same results.

Manager takes care of the request and names a unique project leader.

Project description is in charge of project leader who is in direct relation with the customer. Teleconferences or meetings are organized with the customer and the different partners if needed in order to define to project.

Final quotation result of addition of different partners contributions and is presented by project leader to customer for approval.

Final bill integrates different partners bills.

Bill payment is made directly to each involved members.

(In the future a structure will be created in order to provide a unique integrated payment).

2- Manager is also in charge of marketing and commercialisation reinforced by additional actions of all members.

Freedom is a key word; a customer belongs only to himself.

Training and Staff possibilities
Training and Staff exchange terms and conditions

WIPR congress. Chair of Excellence in order to attract the best specialists, Radiopharmaceutical courses for students,  Student exchanges worldwide,

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Chateau de la Chantrerie
95 Route de Gachet
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