InnoSportLab, de Tongelreep

Solution provided
Supplier identity
General description

The field lab swimming offers unique training facilities for (top) swimmers. A force base, 13 underwater cameras and 4 above water cameras, advanced timing system and a smartboard and touchscreen are present. The modern facilities of the training offer for both (top) sport, knowledge institutions and the business community a unique opportunity to present themselves. The lab is within the so called golden triangle between health, science and business.

Province of Noord Brabant, NL
Regional access broker
  • Ria Hein, Noord-Brabant Development Agency (BOM)
Activity description
The 3 top equipments available
  1. 3 Camera system with reliable analysis tool.
  2. Freelap Heart Rate Monitors.
  3. High tech swimming pool

Other equipment:

  • Force Plate.
  • Portable ECG.
  • Core temperature measurement.
  • Polar Team 2.
  • Towing system.
  • Measure Active Drag
  • 2D Camera system.
Know-how, expertise available

InnoSportLab Tongelreep (field lab swimming) is located in the National Swimming Centre Tongelreep. The field lab was founded in 2007 with the goal of science and practice closer together in order to enhance sport performance and new products and services. Sports & Innovation is the creation of this field lab finally on the map. Partly thanks to the City of Eindhoven who makes an important contribution. Around 6 professionals are working at the location. We’re also closely related to: TU/e, Fontys Hogescholen, Stichting Sports & Technology, TU Delft and TNO.

Know-how on different areas:

  • Industrial design.
  • Electrical engineering.
  • Hydrodynamics.
  • Software engineering.
  • Obese.
  • Anthropometry.
  • Movement science & technology
  • Active living.
  • Sports marketing.
  • Healthy aging
Possibilities of partnership
  • Customer-supplier.
  • Joint development.
  • Joint venture start-up.
Services provided
  • Industrial research.
  • Product development.
  • Market research.
  • Project consortium.
Terms of availability for SMEs

No specific terms. We work a lot with SME’s (99% of our customers is SME).

Quality labels and accreditations

InnoSportLab De Tongelreep is the first and one of the leading fieldlabs in the Netherlands. When we created or tested your product, than you can be assured of quality.

Targeted countries
  • Europe (including Russia and Turkey).
  • Australia.
Market expertise
High tech equipment. Health sector. Sports. Also take a look at knowhow. Because we are a hotspot for valorization we have market expertise on a lot of the named fields.
Training and Staff possibilities
Contact information
Van der Vliet
Phone number
Antoon Coolenlaan 1
5644 RX  Eindhoven