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ImmuneHealth is a global biomarker CRO specializing in:

 Human Biospecimen procurement, processing and storage,
 Validation of biomarker panel thanks to the design and conduct of clinical studies,
 Immunomonitoring readouts for clinical trials and biomarkers immunotesting,
 Development/validation/testing of QC methods for biologics.

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Service Provider - CMO / CRO
Region of Wallonia, BE
Regional access broker
  • Annick Pierrard, Interface Enterprises-University of Liège
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The 3 top equipments available

- FACS/Cell sorter
- ELISpot
- Multiplex
- Microneutralization

Know-how, expertise available

 Consulting activity: through call conferences and face-to-face meetings. Call us and have direct connection with our manager grey matter!

 Technical training: learn straight away how to set-up the best antibody panels for flow cytometry, how to optimize your PCR or validate your ELISA method…Come to ImmuneHealth with your samples, and take benefit of shared open discussions on data in order to finally really handle your results and make them yours!

 Back-and-forth technical transfer: starting from your laboratories to our offices, take advantage of the real added value step of every immuno-method development: the back technical transfer to your office under the supervision of our staff.

 Development/Qualification/Validation: starting from any development step of your assay, ImmuneHealth can bring it to the most advanced status according to the highest quality standards. Always craving for challenge, our team loves starting from scratch and draws the first line on a blank sheet with a string focus on your line of sight. In the neighboorhood of GMP manufacturing and GLP contract research entities (MaSTherCell, Novasep, Quality Assistance…), ImmuneHealth is perfectly aware of authorities’ requirements in terms of qualification and validation of assays all along the successive clinical stages.

 Testing and Samples Analysis: a peak of production in your lab? An extra demand on short timelines? A preference to focus your staff on core competencies? Entrust ImmuneHealth with your sample analysis and testing, and discover a rare flexibility employed to the highest quality standards.

- Human Biological Samples acquisition and clinical studies

Possibilities of partnership

ImmuneHealth has chosen to concentrate its efforts on several major priorities: our research programs focus on to the discovery and the validation of immunological biomarkers. This knowledge enables us to provide cutting-edge epidemiological, clinical and laboratory services for clinical research. Bridging the gap between fundamental and applied research, ImmuneHealth translates immunology into medicine.

Through different projects, we’ve developed our own portfolio of biomarkers panels in the discovery of biomolecules:

- from ThB cells and the development of in vitro model to measure related cell activity in clinical trials

- involved in bacterial infection in children to differentiate bladder and kidney infections

- involved in the transmission of CMV mother to child

- related to T gamma delta lymphocytes and their monitoring

Quality labels and accreditations

ISO 17025

Training and Staff possibilities
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+32 (0) 26 50 95 04
8 rue Adrienne Bolland
6041  Gosselies