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HPC Pharma offers R&D solutions for your chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic projects.

Our activity is based on a broad experience in multiple types of chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial projects, including the preparation and the manipulation of highly potent compounds using adequate methods and equipment.

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Service Provider - CMO / CRO
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  • Céline Queron, CRITT Santé Bretagne
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The 3 top equipments available

Our laboratory is equipped with up-to-date components and our team works in high security and quality standards. We can rely on the usual chemical laboratory equipment as well as on a special WEISS workstation dedicated to the manipulation of Highly Potent compounds.

Know-how, expertise available

HPC Pharma is founded on the basis of a solid background in custom synthesis and R&D outsourcing. We have also gained significant experience in handling highly potent APIs. Manipulating Highly Potent molecules requires extremely strict security and quality standards. Moreover, our close collaboration with renowned scientists allows us to stay up-to-date with the newest techniques and developments in organic chemistry. We have proven competence in various fields such as radiopharmaceutical precursors, Highly Potent oncological APIs, generic APIs and antivirals… Our experience in the pharmaceutical industry combined to a top-level scientific environment is an essential asset.

Services provided

Highly Potent

HPC Pharma is equipped with a special hood adapted to the handling of Highly Potent compounds. We can therefore perform all of your development, custom synthesis, impurities and feasibility projects on HPAPIs. Our expertise in that domain and our technical know-how are other necessary elements for the handling of such molecules.

Custom Synthesis from mg to 100g

HPC Pharma will meet your custom synthesis demands. We can handle one-step synthesis or complex multi-step synthesis. Our expertise in organic chemistry will help us challenge and tackle all your projects, especially the toughest ones!
You define the molecule, the standards and the amount; we discuss together the feasibility, the cost and the deadlines and we’ll take it from here to produce your compound according to the defined criteria.


Impurities are becoming a major field in the pharmaceutical industry. HPC Pharma has a demonstrated expertise in impurities identification, isolation, purification and production. Got a problem with identifying and isolating sufficient amount of an unreferenced impurity? We have precious know-how to share…

Contract Research & Feasibility Studies

HPC Pharma can provide complete feasibility studies on target compounds from bibliographical studies to synthetic pathways and synthesis/purification optimization. You have discovered an active molecule and need a significant batch meeting analytical specifications? We can do it all and furnish the product, the methods and the feasibility/cost studies.

Process Development Support

HPC Pharma can provide you with support to your process development. We can study specific production steps and help you improve your processes reliability and efficiency. HPC Pharma can also take in charge your small-scale purification development studies. We can also produce reference standards to support your industrial process.

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El Safadi
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