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HAS Knowledge Transfer is associated with HAS Den Bosch university of applied science as a knowledge institute and is of service to companies in the agribusiness, food, environment and green sectors with courses, training and applied research & advice.

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Research InstitutionLab Equipment Supplies Provider
Province of Noord Brabant, NL
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  • Ria Hein, Noord-Brabant Development Agency (BOM)
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HAS Knowledge Transfer is the transfer organisation of the Agricultural/Food Polytechnic in North-Brabant. They are located in the regional capital of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. HAS offers a wide range of advice, training and facilities to the business community. They own 5 pilot plants in the fields of food development, food design and food safety (diary, fruits &vegetables, bread, meat, brewery). These pilot plants can be used for sample analysis, product- and concept development, proto-typing, test runs and the production of 0-series. Key words for the pilot scale equipment in the Food Processing Hall are: coating; extrusion; heat treatments; evaporation; drying; gaspackaging and membrane filtration.

  • In the Technology Hall there is equipment available for the measurement of air quality; milk quality; durable energy sources; drinkwater systems and climate.
  • Within the field of food R&D, product development on a kitchen scale is possible, with a special focus on sensory research, physical/chemical research and microbological research.
  • Within the field of biotechnology, there is high quality equipment for research of fermentation; reactor processes and enzymatical processes.
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HAS offers also literature surveys and hands-on support for innovation development. Growth area is food & health, like functional foods, special diets and new food fibers to prevent and ease chronic illnesses. Amongst the client groups of HAS are biotechnology firms that are active on the boundary areas between food & health.

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HAS Knowledge Transfer has a turnover of about 4 million euros per year, based on an average of 400 projects with external clients. 40 employees are currently working in the organisation, but there are in total 120 researchers and teachers involved.
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