H2P2 High Precision Histopathology

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The High Precision Histopathology facility offers standard histology lab services plus custom laser capture microdissection.
The main applications are:
-Diagnostics/screening (toxicity, mode of action) at the tissue level
-Understanding of physiological and physiopathological mechanisms
-Drug target discovery
-Analysis of bioactive molecules
-Pharmacology, toxicology, pathology
-Tissue genomics

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Lab Equipment Supplies Provider
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  • Biomarkers / Biomarker Discovery
  • Cosmetics
  • Dermatology
  • Hepatology
  • Imaging
Region of Bretagne, FR
Regional access broker
  • Céline Queron, CRITT Santé Bretagne
Activity description
The 3 top equipments available

Automated IHC and ISH (Ventana Discovery)
Automated slides staining
Virtual slide Scanner (Hamamatsu)
Tissue Micro Array

Know-how, expertise available

- A microtome to realize thin tissue sections of paraffin embedded tissue
- A cryostat for thin sections of frozen tissue
- Specific staining techniques (emphasis in fibrosis, steatosis, glycogen content ...)
- Image analysis (nuclear staining count, fibrosis quantification, steatosis quantification, emphysema,…)
- In situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry revealed by enzyme or fluorochrome
- Tissue Micro Array (TMA)
- Virtual slides
- A Laser Capture Microdissector (Veritas ARCTURUS), that enables to specifically and accurately isolate defined cells within a complex tissue. Protocols have been developed to capture specific cells present in different tissues: human, animals (mouse, zebrafish) or plants (rapeseed, brown algae) and in culture cells.
- Following cell capture, nucleic acids are recovered using micromethod

Terms of availability for SMEs

The H2P2 platform is more than a core facility in histopathology. Indeed, H2P2 has cutting-edge technology equipment such as the discovery XT biomarker platform (Ventana), the Laser capture microdissector Veritas (Arcturus), the automated tissuearrayer TMA (Excilone), the virtual slides scanner with the Fluorescence Illumination Optics NanoZoomer (Hamamatsu). Images analysis software NIS elements (Nikon) : measurement of immuno-chemistry/fluorescence, cell shape/size/volume, cell counting, specific staining and so on.
All of these facilities allow us to meet the requests of private and public research teams in in vivo toxicology and pharmacology, biomarker research for human diseases, but also in animal and plant research

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ISO 9001:2008 certification

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avenue du professeur Léon Bernard 2
35043  Rennes cedex