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Genomics is a discipline which concerns the study of the wholegenome of a cell or an organism. More complete than the study of a single gene, it requires the use of state-of the-art technologies to analyse millions of nucleotides in a single experiment. Today, Next Generation Sequencing and microarrays are daily-used tools to achieve these aims.

Transcriptomics characterises the expression of the genes under different experimental or pathological conditions.

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  • Bioinformatics
  • Genomics
  • Microarrays
  • Molecular biology
  • Transcriptomics
Region of Wallonia, BE
Regional access broker
  • Annick Pierrard, Interface Enterprises-University of Liège
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The 3 top equipments available

The Genomics Facility offers services with:

  • Illumina MiSeq benchtop sequencer
  • Illumina HiSeq2000 sequencer
  • Illumina iScan array scanner
Know-how, expertise available

Single Read Sequencing (Sanger)

  • Sequencing of plasmids, BAC, PCR products (premix Primer/DNA)

Next Generation Sequencing

Genomic Sequencing

  • Whole genome resequencing
  • ENU induced mutations mapping in Zebrafish
  • De novo sequencing (available for mammalian or small genomes as bacteria, viruses orBACs using multiplexed libraries)
  • “Mate Pair” librairies

Target Resequencing

  • Human Exome resequencing (Agilent, Illumina, Roche-Nimblegen)
  • Amplicon sequencing
  • Target capture resequencing

RNA sequencing

  • mRNA sequencing
  • ribosomal RNA depleted RNA sequencing
  • strand specific RNA sequencing
  • Small RNA sequencing (miRNA, …)

ChIP sequencing


Bisulfite treated DNA resequencing



  • Array based Genotyping of SNP for several species (human, bovine, porcine, equine)
  • Array based Methylation profiling
  • Genotyping by allelic discrimination using Taqman probes
  • Genotyping of microsatellites, Short Tandem Repeat, …


Gene Expression

  • Gene expression profiling based on arrays (Illumina, Affymetrix, Agilent)


Nucleic acid preparation and Quality Control

  • DNA extraction from different sources (blood, tissue, sperm, …)
  • RNA Extraction
  • Mini et midi prep
  • Quality Control (Experion, Bioanalyser 2100)


Data Analyses

  • A bioinformatic support is available for NGS data (de novo assembly, variant detection, structural variant detection, expression analysis, transcriptome denovo assembly), as well as microarray data and data mining (Ingenuity Pathway Analysis). We can also provide support via GIGA-Bioinformatic group.


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Genomics Facility Manager
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+32 (0) 4 366 41 59
GIGA - B34 - Avenue de l'Hôpital 1
4000  Liège