GIGA Cell Imaging Facility

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The GIGA Cell Imaging Facility develops techniques and helps users in their needs to obtain the best images and data with our diversified technology.

The facility staff is continuously available to help and train researchers in all steps of imaging procedure, from fluorochrome choice to image acquisition, treatment and analysis. The whole procedure may also be done directly by the staff, if request.

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  • Cancer / Oncology
  • High Throughput Screening
  • Imaging
  • Neurology /Central Nervous System
  • Toxicology
Region of Wallonia, BE
Regional access broker
  • Annick Pierrard, Interface Enterprises-University of Liège
Activity description
The 3 top equipments available

· High-Content Screening bioimager (BD Pathway 855)

· Confocal microscopes (Nikon A1R, Leica SP2 and SP5 AOBS, Olympus Fluoview 1000)

· Veridex Cell Search System

· Olympus Cell^R / 3I Intravital microscope

· Leica LMD7000 Laser microdissector

Know-how, expertise available


Confocal and epifluorescence imaging acquisition

Image treatment and analysis

High-Content Screening

Circulating tumor cells detection and analysis

Laser microdissection

Advising in imaging protocol conception and optimization

Terms of availability for SMEs

Our equipment includes: 4 laser scanning confocal microscopes, a laser microdissector, an ultra-sensible intravital microscope, as well as several upright and inverted epifluorescence microscopes. Our data room is equipped with softwares for image treatment and analysis like BitPlane Imaris, ImageJ, Nikon NIS Elements Advanced Research and others.
Also, our facility is equipped with two high-end technologies:
A High-Content Screening Bioimager: capable to acquire fluorescent images (confocal or not), quickly and less-photobleaching (spinning disk technology), from a large amount of samples at a time (up to 384 samples). This stand-alone technology is also capable to do image treatment and analysis to then analyze the data and deliver the final results for the whole experiment.
The Cell Search: this FDA approved technology is capable to automatically isolate and detect down to a single rare circulating tumor cell from 7.5 mL of blood. This technique is capable to predict overall survivor and progression free survival, important information for patient prognostics and therapy modulation.

Quality labels and accreditations

ISO 17025 compliance phylosophy

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Cell Imaging Facility manager
Phone number
+32 (0)4 366 49 38
GIGA - B34 - Avenue de l'Hopital 1
4000  Liege