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The GIGA bioinformatics platform develops and applies efficient computational methods to extract useful and quantitative information from large sets of biological/biomedical data (imaging data such as cyto-histopathological slides and high-throughput microscopy, genomic/proteomic data, clinical data...) in order to derive new biological/biomedical knowledge, and build diagnostic tool.

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  • Bioinformatics
  • Imaging
  • Software / Modelling
Region of Wallonia, BE
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  • Annick Pierrard, Interface Enterprises-University of Liège
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The 3 top equipments available

The GIGA bioinformatics platform currently hosts :

- A computing grid of 500 computing cores with high-memory servers (up to 512Gb of fast memory per server) and typical bioinformatics softwares (BLAST, tophat, Phylip, BioConductor, ...)

- A storage system with one Petabyte (= 1000 Tb) capacity.

- The Cytomine software for web-based sharing and quantification of large-scale imaging data


Know-how, expertise available

The Bioinformatics platform works in close collaboration with the research unit in Systems and Modeling (GIGA Systems Biology & Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, headed by Pr. Louis Wehenkel and Pr. Rodolphe Sepulchre), where researchers design novel algorithms for automated data analysis (image classification, segmentation, and retrieval, identification of potential biomarkers, inference of gene regulatory networks, ...) using machine learning techniques.

Possibilities of partnership

Contract-based services, Inter-regional research programs, EU research programs.

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GIGA Bioinformatics Core Facility Manager
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+32 (0) 4 366 26 44
GIGA - B34 - Avenue de l'Hopital , 1
4000  Liège