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Gesval SA is a company of the University of Liège (ULg). Its mission is to manage the intellectual property (IP) of the University of Liège via IP transfer to existing companies or through the creation of spin-offs.
As a technology transfer company, Gesval manages, on behalf of the University of Liège and CHU-Liège-a hundred and thirty patent holdings in spin-offs.

Type of Supplier
Tech Transfer
Sector of activity
  • Financial Advisor
  • Public Financing Institutions
  • Accounting and Financial Services
  • Investor Relations
  • Patent and Intellectual Property (IP) Services
Region of Wallonia, BE
Regional access broker
  • Annick Pierrard, Interface Enterprises-University of Liège
Activity description
The 3 top equipments available

Market studies - due diligence.

Know-how, expertise available

IP, know-how and knowledge in life sciences and ICT available for out licensing

Possibilities of partnership

Licensing, joint venture, company creation.
Fund raising

Services provided

Gesval SA holds equity in almost all the 100 spin-off companies created in the past 20 years by the University of Liège. Gesval SA in on the board of most of them during the early stages.
Gesval ialso involved in the management of some major research programs with international companies.

Market expertise
All markets - World
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Training and Staff exchange terms and conditions

Possible - please contact us

Contact information
Van Huffel
Business Developer Life Sciences
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+32 (0)496183259
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4 avenue Pré-Aily
4031  Liège