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Franke Bio-Consult advises and supports nationwide companies in the life science industry. Focus of the activity is to provide advisory service on all topics in the GMP environment. The preparation and support during audits and inspections are an essential part of the offer.

Type of Supplier
Service Provider - Professional Advisor /Consultant / Legal / Accounting
State of Lower Saxony, DE
Regional access broker
  • Annika Buchholz, BiomeTI e.V.
Activity description
The 3 top equipments available

With more than 30 years in big pharma working for companies like Behringwerke AG, Hoechst AG, Intervet (AKZO), Essex Pharma (Schering-Plough), and MSD I am now providing support in the main areas of biotechnology manufacturing.

Know-how, expertise available

1. Production management with responsibility for manufacturing activities like cell/virus fermentation up to 2000 L, final product blending, filling, freeze-drying, and packaging 2. Quality Unit Lead & Qualified Person Status according to AMG and Veterinary Vaccines Regulation 3. Site management including responsibility for up to 140 employees, a corresponding cost center budget, and miscellaneous governmental agencies approvals

Services provided

Preparation and support during audits and inspections as well as product licensing activities are an essential part of the offer.

Quality labels and accreditations

Qualified Person (QP) according to German Pharma Law (AMG)

Training and Staff possibilities
Contact information
Volker Franke
Biotechnology Consultant
Phone number
+49 (0)5139 981950
Email address
Theodor-Storm-Weg 12
30938  Burgwedel