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The core of Into D’metia is the experience in the dementia simulator. Into D’mentia aims to foster understanding of dementia by allowing healthy people without dementia to experience the perception of the environment from people who suffer from dementia.The simulations are created in an interactive space, in which the visitor experiences the various aspects of dementia. The visitor goes through a realistic scenario, in which cognitive abilities -as is the case with dementia- are disturbed.

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OtherTech Transfer
Province of Noord Brabant, NL
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  • Ria Hein, Noord-Brabant Development Agency (BOM)
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Into D’mentia has, through scientific research with academic partners, knowledge about the ‘inner world’ of people living with dementia. It also has the expertise how to translate this knowledge into a scenario, that can be used for simulation purposes. Into D’mentia has access to knowledge about the dementia care system in The Netherlands, training possibilities and reimbursement.

Services provided
  • Into D’mentia offers the possibility to use the dementia simulator for training purposes. Care professionals, product developers, software programmers and others can visit the simulator and experience the feelings and emotions that belong to dementia.
  • In addition the knowledge about the ‘innerworld’ of people living with dementia, used to develop the simulation concept of Into D’mentia, can be re-used for other purposes.
  • The same simulation concept can be used for other cognitive diseases.
  • The simulation concept is also available for development of training programs outside the Netherlands.
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