DIAsource Immunoassays

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Supplier identity
General description

DIAsource ImmunoAssays, an international diagnostics company (Belgium), develops, manufactures and markets clinical diagnostic products in the field of endocrinology and infectious diseases. Core products are RIA and ELISA technology and reagents for open ELISA automated analyzers as well as antibodies for use in in-vitro diagnostic assays with specific development and manufacturing programs for Vitamin D, Renin, Calcitonin and many others. We also provide selected ELISA instrumentation.

Type of Supplier
Biotechnology R&D Company - Diagnostics / Devices and Diagnostics Services
Sector of activity
  • Bone, Joint and Cartilage
  • Diagnostics / Devices and Services
  • Endocrinology / diabetology
  • In vitro Diagnostics
  • Medical Devices
Region of Wallonia, BE
Regional access broker
  • Annick Pierrard, Interface Enterprises-University of Liège
Activity description
The 3 top equipments available

- Complete dispensing and lyophilization production unit with capacities up to 35.000 vials in one batch.
- Moduline and Oysterbay equipments for the coating of microplates.
- Development, production and purification of monoclonal antibodies via the technology of hybridomas.

Know-how, expertise available

Acting as a CMO we offer large capacities in cell culture, antibodies production and purification, buffers production, dispensing in various vials (500µL - 2L), lyophilization (up to 35000 vials of 3mL per run), tubes and microplates coating, and packaging.

Recently, we added a CRO activity related to the custom synthesis of complex organic molecules, the chemical customization of commercial organic molecules and their conjugation to proteins. Our motto is connecting chemistry to biology as we have the chance to gather both expertise and facilities. We believe this combination is unique and hardly found in other companies on the market.

Possibilities of partnership

- Custom manufacturing
- OEM in and out partnerships
- National and EU funded research programs

Quality labels and accreditations

ISO 9001
ISO 13485
FDA 510k approval pending

Training and Staff possibilities
Contact information
R&D Project Manager
Phone number
+32 10 849 940
Rue du Bosquet 2
1348  Louvain-la-Neuve