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Cytune Pharma is a privately-held biopharmaceutical company
dedicated to the conception and early-development of novel
biological immunotherapeutic agents for fighting cancer and
infectious diseases. 

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Biotechnology Company - Therapeutics
Regions of Pays de la Loire, Centre and Poitou-Charentes, FR
Regional access broker
  • Grégory Bauer, Atlanpole Biotherapies
Activity description
The 3 top equipments available

• Axis n°1: Immunostimulatory agents (CYP0150: Best-in Class
category – Lead program – Preclinical development)
• Axis n°2: New generation of conjugated mAbs (Novel antibodycytokine
fusion proteins – R&D Platform – Preclinical research).
Cytune provides competitive early-stage products/technology
platforms for large pharma/biotech players facing major R&D
pipeline issues.
Cytune’s hedge relies on a proprietary scientific breakthrough in
immunology: effective form of a major human immunocytokine:
trans-presentation mechanism of a critical immune factor: IL-15.

Know-how, expertise available

Cytune’s proprietary most advanced proprietary compound, CYP 0150, is a human interleukin-15
uniquely linked to its effector. CYP 0150 is produced by recombinant technology adapted to
pharmaceutical processes and is the result of a single translation (no post-translational process).
IL-15 has been shown to have a limited efficacy mostly due to the fact the alpha chain receptor
is usually cleaved from the presenting cells in pathological situations, hence preventing IL-15 to
activate its target cells.
CYP0150 is a proprietary breakthrough thanks to its unique structure that renders it active in
pathological situations. 

Moreover, Cytune is developing a broad portfolio of potent immunocytokines, i.e. monoclonal
antibody fused to CYP0150. These ICKs having potentially a better safety profile than the IL-2
based immunocytokines have a promising future as they enable to:
• manage the product Life Cycle Management for existing blockbusters (generating new IP to
face coming patent expirations)
• increase the efficacy of existing or future antibodies while reduce their tox profile.

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7 Rue Amédée Ménard
44300  Nantes