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A French research Institute has developed new class of lipid vector, for intracellular vaccination using DNA molecule coding for the antigen of asthma. The aim is to produce a prophylactic or therapeutic vaccine. The vaccine administration in animal model led to a reduction of airway hyperresponsiveness and a significant decrease of inflammatory cytokines in the bronchoalveolar lavage. Industrial partners are sought in order to co-develop asthma and rhinitis allergy applications.

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  • Grégory Bauer, Atlanpole Biotherapies
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Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease caused by respiratory and abnormal reactivity against
allergens from the environment. In Western Europe, prevalence of atopic disease is more than 30%.
Among the new tracks currently in development, vaccination is one of the promising approaches to reduce allergy symptoms and ultimately to 'cure' the patient by modifying the disease state. Allergy is characterized by inflammation and antibody production that involves several cell types and many different immune mediators. One strategy is to move the immune response away from the lymphocyte Th2 cell response back to the lymphocyte Th1 cell response.
Our French patented vector is a lipid nanovector that has been shown to induce a specific Th1
response in an asthma mice model. It was shown to preventatively protect against the advance of progressive allergic conditions that can often culminate in severe, life-threatening asthma.
The vector works as a DNA vaccine which produces the antigen into the individual, ensuring its good conformation and integrity while avoiding cross contamination. It dramatically increases expression of the DNA-encoded antigen and hugely stimulates the innate immune system through a new delivery mechanism.
This vector possesses all the features necessary to become the new, standard adjuvant for DNA vaccines. It has no intrinsic immunogenicity allowing readministration. Furthermore, it has the self adjuvanting effect of nucleic acids molecules through a breakthrough intracellular delivery mechanism, which results in a perfect coupling between the innate and adaptive immune response specific to the antigen.
The combination of different studies shows that our French patented vector is powerful to generate humoral and cellular adaptive immune responses depending on the immune state of the organism (oncology, inflammatory imbalance...).
The vector is currently produced in a GMP and GLP manner and will be soon evaluated in a clinical study in oncology. Some safety studies with a CRO dedicated in toxicology evaluation are on going to confirm our preliminary results on the good safety of the vector.
We are seeking industrial partner in order to carry out regulatory preclinical and clinical studies for asthma application in collaboration with the academic laboratory and a biotechnology partner.

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