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Cide-Socran is the foremost advisory organisation for the creation and development of innovative small businesses and companies with strong potential for growth. Its staff is composed of fifteen consultants, specialised in the fields of commerce, finance, technology or science.

Cide-Socran’s missions aim to limit the financial and commercial uncertainties associated with the conception and launching of new products and services on the market.

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Service Provider - Professional Advisor /Consultant / Legal / AccountingEconomic Development
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  • Consulting (Other)
  • Financial Advisor
  • Management Consulting
  • Market studies
Region of Wallonia, BE
Regional access broker
  • Annick Pierrard, Interface Enterprises-University of Liège
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Cide-Socran offers four types of services:

  • Pre-start-up assistance,
  • Start-up and business development consulting,
  • Support for High Tech business projects and Entrepreneurial spirit activities.
  • Pre-start-up assistance

Offered to those in the early steps of planning, our pre-start-up assistance services help you transform your idea or concept in to a business with the greatest chances for success. After assessing the overall feasibility of your project (diagnosis), we draw up plans of action to allow your project to develop (development path). Pre-start-up assistance may also include helping to find financing (subsidies, capital, etc.) as well as information necessary to conduct a market study. 

Start-up and business development consulting

Our start-up and business development consulting services assist in setting up new projects (starting a business, launching a new product on the market, etc.) or solving specific problems at different stages of a company’s development (growth, diversification, economic hardship or transfer). The most common missions of this kind are marketing and commercial studies (market surveys, canvassing, product positioning studies, etc.), business plans, financial studies (financing plans, financial packages, negotiations with shareholders, etc.), general assessment or operational interims.

Support for High Tech business projects

Our experience and unique position have allowed us to develop methods of analysis and project development specifically adapted to owners or holders of technological know-how who aim to commercialise it (spin-offs, spin-outs, technology companies, laboratories, research centres, etc.). Our methods, based on an expansion-segmentation-focus approach, aim to evaluate a technology’s avenue and sales potential and /or make the economic arrangements of the High Tech project (market studies, business plans and financial studies).

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Quality labels and accreditations

Cide-Socran is certified by the Walloon government’s Economic Stimulus Agency and rated as the leading organisation for the creation of businesses in the Province of Liege. Through its membership in the EBN (European Business & Innovation Centre Network), Cide-Socran is also part of the European network of ECEI (Centres for Enterprise and Innovation). Its founding partners are the University of Liege, Meusinvest, ArcelorMittal, Techspace Aero and Herstal Group. Its other principle partners are the Wallonia-Brussels Entrepreneurial Network, GRE-Liege, WSL and WBC technological incubators, Interface ULg, HEC-ULg, Be Angels, Innovatech, SPI and the Marshall Plan competitiveness hubs.

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Biotechnologies PhD - Chargée d'études
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+32 4 220 54 02
Place Saint Denis
4000  Liege