CEVA - Center for Study and Promotion of Algae

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General description

CEVA is a non-profit company dedicated to R&D and economic development on algae, located in the most productive European region for algae.
Our strength is to address all fields related to algae through an accurate organisation in three strategic business unit.
- Algae and Environment Quality : deals with algae ecology
- Algae Raw Material : deals with algae harvesting and farming
- Algae Products : deals with algae applications, products & process

Type of Supplier
Tech TransferEconomic Development
Sector of activity
  • Market studies
  • Biomaterials
  • Cosmetics
  • Enhanced Nutrition
  • Neutraceuticals
Region of Bretagne, FR
Regional access broker
  • Céline Queron, CRITT Santé Bretagne
Activity description
The 3 top equipments available

- Laboratory dedicated to seaweed / algae caracterization
- Hatchery and sea farm to design and test cultivation technology
- Industrial pilot to scale up products & processes

Know-how, expertise available

Algae and Environment Quality :
- Expertise in algae ecology and coastal oceanography
- Development of indicators for water quality
- Environmental monitoring
- Monitoring and modeling of macroalgal eutrophication
- Support to aquaculture (potential area, yield prediction, …)

Algae Raw Material :
- Assistance to algae producers and harvesters for a sustainable exploitation of the biomass
- Development and optimization of sustainable cultivation techniques for a various range of algae
- Understanding of metabolic pathways and monitoring of aquaculture conditions to promote enrichment in target compounds
- Promotion of IMTA to reduce the impact of traditional aquaculture on the environment

Algae Products :
- Expertise in valorization and use of algae, extraction of active compounds, purification and modification processes through chemical and biotechnological means
- Development of algae-based products or processes to treat such biomass in all application sectors

Analysis & Knowledge Management Platform :
-Best practice for chemical analysis of algae
-Reviews and monitoring on R&D, patents, regulation, economic data, new products, …

Possibilities of partnership

Whatever the question you have on seaweed / algae, we can give you an answer.

Terms of availability for SMEs

CEVA can work worldwide in any location interested by marine algae. As a private company, we provide contract research directly to companies.

We can also be integrated as partner or leader in collaborative R&D supported by public funds or private consortium.

CEVA is committed to high quality standards in services:

  • signed NDA prior to discussion on confidential subjects, if necessary.
  • carreful listening of customer needs by the appropriate expert in the technical field.
  • precise specification of needs, goals and constrains.
  • detailed quotation.
  • signed contract with detailed project objectives : technical, budget, timelines. 
  • agreed customer deliverable llist.
  • means used during the project.
  • project is under the responsability of a project leader as unique contact.
  • regular technical and budget status update at a frequency agreed with the customer


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Managing Director
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+33 (0)2 96 22 93 50
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