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Blue Ocean Robotics focuses on commercialising robotics R&D. We develop and introduce new innovative market-ready robots for a broad range of branches from industry, healthcare and education to agriculture, construction and offshore. We provide complete solutions, including design, concept, development, installation, implementation, ramp-up, training, test, documentation, dissemination, support, maintenance and more – all phases in a life-cycle perspective.

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Denmark, DK
Regional access broker
  • Niels Westergaard, Biopeople
  • Sophie Labrosse, Biopeople
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Our expertise is to create entrepreneurial teams that develop robotic products and businesses with the direct participation of end-user clients, researchers, high-tech technology suppliers, investors and others, in order to grow a local robotics business and start up new companies locally with a foundation built on local strongholds.    Our methodology originates from the Scandinavian design-tradition which basically builds on cross-disciplinary, end-user participatory, design-based, collaborative teaming up with the right people to make the right decisions at the right time, and maximize the usage of available resources, to achieve as sustainable and effective results as possible.
Possibilities of partnership

We invite you, as a Blue-O-Partnership member, to join forces with us at Blue-Ocean-Robotics and work together on realising our shared dreams of new healthcare robotics businesses and products. We can work on one of your ideas and dreams, or on one of ours, whether you are an individual or an organisation. In a Blue-O-Partnership we commit and engage each other in pursuing the realisation of joint ventures, spin-out companies, new robotic products, etc. – with a dedication to create tomorrow's breakthrough robotics businesses.

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