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Biobioseminars provides a wide range of introductory and advanced seminars and service in biology and medical laboratory technology. Cell and tissue culture techniques, including cell preparations and isolation of primary cell cultures. We also offer a complete coverage of the theoretical and practical knowledge of PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) techniques.

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Biotechnology R&D Company - Diagnostics / Devices and Diagnostics Services
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  • Cancer / Oncology
  • Diagnostics / Devices and Services
  • Gene / Cell Therapy
  • Gene Disorders
  • In vitro Diagnostics
Province of Gelderland, NL
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  • Alexander Schippers, Oost N.V. & Health Valley
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Facility sharing with CAT-AgroFood which provides access to state-of-the art technological facilities of Wageningen UR. Lab Facility chairing for seminars and courses with Gläsernes Labor, GenLab Campus Berlin-Buch, and University Hospital of Bielefeld.

Know-how, expertise available

Biobioseminars is one of the outstanding molecular biology companies offering service consultancy and practical courses for molecular diagnostics and cell culturing. Jutta Wirth, the company’s founder is a senior scientist with Master and PhD in molecular biology. Biobioseminars has extensive expertise in disease diagnostics, human genetics and cell biology. She is qualified as a Clinical genetic laboratory specialist (Fachhumangenetikerin). The consultation of Biobioseminars covers real-time PCR applications for pathogen detection, primer design, cell culture techniques, stem cell technologies, human primary cells, blood cells, mutation analyses, DNA Fingerprint.

Possibilities of partnership

SMEs in life sciences repeatedly get in touch with biological molecules, organisms or tissue. Biobioseminars provides a wide range of innovative laboratory technologies and analysis for numerous application in molecular research. The company's expertise in the field of molecular diagnostics, includes real time PCR, cell and tissue culture techniques, human primary cells, stem cells, blood cells, genetic fingerprint and mutation analyses. Biobioseminars therefore provides a powerful Partner for improvements of other SMEs in life sciences. Biobioseminars can support the overall goal of the SMEs In2Lifescience program to establish platform of knowledge and tools for improving processes and developments in the field of molecular biology.

Biobioseminars can play a special role in the SMEs In2Lifescience co-operation  with small of middle-sized companies  Biobioseminars gives the SMEs the chance to test their results and their products in applied life sciences in practice and can help to translate them more quickly into improved products.

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Biobioseminars provides seminars and practical courses in the field of molecular biology. The  seminars and practical courses are aimed to train laboratory professionals and technicians to advance their theoretical and technical knowledge in modern biomedicine and disease diagnostics. The company Biobioseminars includes consultancy services, seminars and practical courses for Universities, Business, Associations, Education establishments. Target groups are  Students, teachers, biologists, medical and health specialists, medical technologist, analysts (MTA, BTA, CTA).


Portfolio: Biobioseminars

Molecular diagnostics

Real-time PCR Applications

Primer Design

Pathogene detection,

Pathogen quantification

Cell Culturing Techniques

Stem cells

Human primary cells

Blood cells

In vitro Hamburger

DNA Fingerprint

Mutation analyses

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Dr. Jutta Wirth is a molecular biologist and teacher, with long term experience in human health research and biotechnology. Jutta Wirth has a Master and Ph.D. in biology and expertise with disease diagnostics. In 2002 she got the Certification as clinical genetic laboratory specialist for Human molecular genetics and Cytogenetics. In 2012 Jutta has built up the company Biobioseminars. She established courses an service for cell culture techniques, mutation analyses and DNA- fingerprinting as well as for RNA-techniques.

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Founder of Biobioseminars
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+31 (0) 681705234
Mondriaanlaan 66
6708NG  Wageningen