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Atonomics A/S is a biotech company specialized in biomarker and point-of-care (POC) hardware development. The POC system consists of an assay, run inside a disposable cartridge, and controlled by a reader connected to an information system. The company employs a unique blood separation system utilizing anti-clustering technology of magnetic microparticles. Microfluidic channels are embedded inside a cartridge system where the overall design allows rapid diagnostic / prognostic readout.
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Biotechnology Company - Therapeutics
Sector of activity
  • Companion Diagnostics
  • Diagnostics / Devices and Services
  • In vitro Diagnostics
  • Molecular Diagnostics
Denmark, DK
Regional access broker
  • Sophie Labrosse, Biopeople
Activity description
The 3 top equipments available


  • Disposable cartridge devices,
  • Microfluidic separator,
  • Micro POC reader.
Know-how, expertise available

Microfluidics and blood separation technology.

Possibilities of partnership


A troponin I assay for Beckman Coulter was recently announced by Atonomics in 2012. However, more biomarkers are needed so that content partners can come together with Atonomics’ technology in order to deliver, in partnership, complete point-of-care solutions for the market.

Services provided


Biomarker optimization and screening.

Terms of availability for SMEs


Point-of-care rapid assay development for customers who have content such as biomarkers. This does not imply automatic licensing of Atonomics proprietary technology to the customer. However, joint development of new biomarkers on the Atonomics device will bring forth good- faith negotiations of rights and royalties with respect to market access.

Quality labels and accreditations

Conform to ISO9001

Targeted countries

The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, United States, South Korea and Japan.

Market expertise
We are targeted towards the point-of-care /diagnostic global market.
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Any format considered.

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Chief Scientific Officer
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+45 7027 1330
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Vestre Teglgade 10
DK-2450  Copenhagen SV