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Atlantic Bio GMP is a public based GMP facility dedicated to the manufacturing and the quality control of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) of gene therapy and cell therapy, under the operational direction of the French Blood Agency.

Atlantic Bio GMP is authorized as a pharmaceutical site since February 2014.

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Service Provider - CMO / CRO
Regions of Pays de la Loire, Centre and Poitou-Charentes, FR
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  • Grégory Bauer, Atlanpole Biotherapies
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Atlantic Bio GMP proposes a scientific, technical and statutory expertise.

It is the only public pharmaceutical establishment for the production of gene therapy vectors in Europe and the first French public platform for the manufacturing of cell therapy medicinal products.

Gene Therapy:

  • Atlantic Bio GMP develops and produces viral vectors of two types: adenovirus or Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) of different serotypes depending on target cells.
  • Atlantic Bio GMP participates to the PGT consortium for development of gene therapy.

Cell Therapy:

  • Adoptive immunotherapy: ABG is involved in the production of a third party bank of cytotoxic T cells or CTL against the CMV. At the same time, Atlantic Bio GMP develops the production of CTL specific of tumor peptides within the framework of a research project supported by the EFS.
  • Regenerative cell therapy: the objective is to produce generally autologous cells, as mesenchymal stem cells to repair an altered organ.







Possibilities of partnership

The PGT consortium : PreIndustrial Gene Therapy Vector Consortium

In the context of the « Grand emprunt pour la recherche », Atlantic Bio GMP participates in an ambitious project of PreIndustrial Gene Therapy Vector Consortium. This project is conducted by a consortium made of the French Blood Agency (Atlantic Bio GMP), the Association Française contre les Myopathies (Généthon), Génosafe and Nantes Hospital (Laboratoire de Thérapie Génique, Inserm UMR 1089). Its objective is to develop new technologies for the production and the control of viral vectors in order to increase the amount and the quality of vectors produced. Finally, we want to make an integrated offer for the production of clinical batches aimed to project leaders.

Quality labels and accreditations

Quality, people safety and environment are core values for Atlantic Bio GMP. Our unit has launched an integrated Quality - Safety - Environment initiative, with the objective of a certification in early 2014.

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2 rue Aronnax
44801  Saint Herblain