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Affilogic is a biotech company developing a new class of proprietary affinity ligands, Nanofitins®, which constitute a robust and affordable alternative to antibodies:

-          high affinity (down to 0.1 nM as monomers),

-          excellent druggability (very stable & highly soluble),

-          better tissue penetration (20 x smaller than mAbs),

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Biotechnology R&D Company - Diagnostics / Devices and Diagnostics ServicesBiotechnology Company - Therapeutics
Regions of Pays de la Loire, Centre and Poitou-Charentes, FR
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  • Grégory Bauer, Atlanpole Biotherapies
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Nanofitins® are able to selectively bind a wide range of targets and have proven excellent tools for Detection (immunoassays, Western Blot), Capture (affinity chromatography, protein removal), Targeting (immunolocalization, in vivo neutralization).

Affilogic is engaged in assessing the therapeutic potential of its Nanofitins® with several non-exclusive industrial contracts, and through a grant from the European Commission. Affilogic invests primarily in the following fields:


Nanofitins® are particularly well-suited for a neutralizing mode of action with a binding designed so as to impair ligand/receptor interaction. Inflammatory cascades are thus a target of choice for therapeutic intervention.


Small size and high druggability of Nanofitins®, combined with a low manufacturing cost of goods allows their delivery at the front of the eye for an effect at the back of the eye.

Infectious diseases

Natural biochemical properties of Nanofitins® are very close to usual features of antimicrobials. The possibility to generate Nanofitins® against integer microbial and viral agents adds to the potential of selected Nanofitins® to be used as anti-infectives.


Affilogic has designed Nanofitins® that specifically bind to receptors known to actively transport the ligand through the BBB. Nanofitins® in fusion with peptides, proteins or antibodies can act as a vector for CNS addressing, with their small size being of very little impact with the activity of the compound.


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Affilogic is looking for partners for custom generation of Nanofitins® as affinity ligands, co-development of affinity applications and early-stage drug development.

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