IN2LifeSciences Observers

IN2LifeSciences has generated much interest among several other bioregions within Europe, and many of these have been invited to become an Observer for the IN2LifeSciences programme.

Observers - as the name suggests - will contribute to the IN2LifeSciences programme with their experience, advice, and advice as we proceed, all while learning the methods and strategies employed for the benefit of SMEs in IN2LifeSciences for their own bioregions and networks. In fact, a number of our Observers are able to provide access for IN2LifeScience SMEs to technology, market, and financial services that are unique to their bioregions, services unavailable within the IN2LifeSciences partnership.

In this way, through sharing knowledge, expertise, and access to services, the IN2LifeScience programme Observers will both gain and supply essential assets to European life science SMEs and the IN2LifeSciences programme.