• IN2LifeSciences project concludes successful third round (press release)

    Transnational voucher scheme details previous successful collaborations and opens new round of applications

    March 26, 2014 - On February 1, the fourth and final call for incentives has opened, offering SMEs the chance to speed up their innovation. Life Sciences SMEs are invited to apply until May 4, 2014. A total of 164 incentives have been granted during the first three calls; 53 Collaboration, 29 Insight, 82 Meet and Greet. SMEs that wish to take part in the project can contact their Regional Access Broker or fill out an online application form.

    Financial incentives
    The IN2LifeSciences scheme aims to provide small financial incentives for initiating Open Innovation collaborations. The project offers SMEs three different incentives to provide easy access to tools, expertise or resources, helping speed the process of innovation in the life sciences, medical technology and health-related food sectors. IN2LifeSciences enables SMEs to work with providers of expertise and equipment beyond those available at the regional level. 

    To stimulate actual contact and cooperation there are three types of incentives available for SMEs seeking innovation support in the eight IN2LifeSciences regions in north-west Europe: 

    • Meet & Greet incentives: up to €500 for SMEs to travel and meet relevant organisations in other regions
    • Insight incentives of €4,000 to exchange staff, receive training or contract experts to gather insight
    • Collaboration incentives of  €7,000 for an actual collaboration on an innovative new product or service

    The following examples of successful cases illustrate the value of IN2Lifesciences:

    An IN2LifeSciences Insight incentive of € 4,000 was granted to Bridge Bioresearch (Denmark), who had their type 2 diabetes drug tested for bioavailability in humans. The voucher has led the company to the next step in the development process of the drug, which is the first clinical trial to be initiated in 2014. Søren Stenderup, CEO of Bridge Bioresearch explains: “We were approached by the German biotech company PharmaInformatic and agreed to apply for a voucher to contribute to the financing of the testing of our drug. In a short period our development project was taken to the next step.”

    MOMA (Department of Molecular Medicine in Denmark) and Phenosystems (a Belgian SME) were awarded a Collaboration voucher to gain insight in the data storage and management area for genomic information. Both parties now have a better understanding of the requirements of a molecular laboratory. As a result, a first prototype was implemented.

    Avivia BV is running a project on the treatment of breast cancer. This Dutch company required the ability to trace medicine in the human body, something that Pharmainformatics’ technology enabled them to do. An IN2LifeScienbces incentive has made it possible for both parties to collaborate. Avivia is still in the testing phase, after which future product development can be decided.

    Having realized the relevance of working internationally, MVIP Software & Consulting (Nörten-Hardenberg, Germany) found their perfect collaboration partner in MEDEX Loncin from Wallonia, in order to develop a fully transportable X-ray system. One prototype of the portable X-ray system was sent to Bangladesh in order to do first tests for usability and to acquire a statistical relevant amount of images.

     A detailed description of all participating parties can be found in the database on the IN2LifeSciences website:

    About IN2LifeSciences
    IN2LifeSciences is the follow-up of the successful FASILIS project in which 67 international life sciences collaborations have been initiated, some with impressive spin-offs.

    IN2LifeSciences is financed by INTERREG IVB NWE, a financial instrument in the European Union’s Cohesion Policy, which funds projects that support transnational collaboration. Each partner has a voucher budget of  €100,000 to support international collaboration projects for their life and health science SMEs.

  • Financing the training of your employees with IN2LifeSciences

    The IN2Lifesciences project, set up between European life science clusters to support international cooperation between SMEs, can also finance training vouchers for employees in innovative SMEs. This is the outcome of the webinar pitch session 'All Training Opportunities with In2LifeSciences at once', held on 25 February 2014. The pitches of the 8 presenters showed opportunities for training ranging from clean room handling and trade show preparation, to toxicology and virology.

    SMEs can apply for a training voucher of 4.000€ with providers participating in the IN2Lifesciences project at the following link: Deadline for applications is 4 May 2014. 

    If you'd like to have a look at the different training possibilities, you can have a look at the list of presenters and download the powerpoint presentations from the webinar at:


  • Delta Phenomics offers theoretical and practical training on EthoVision XT

    On 15 April Delta Phenomics will organize an EthoVision XT 10 theoretical and practical training course, together with sister-company Noldus Information Technology.

    Learn how to set up an experiment, including arena and detection settings, carry out tracking, and analyze your data to quantify the behaviors of your animals using EthoVision XT 10. Special attention will be paid to practical aspects of using the system, including hands-on exercises with rats/mice in Delta Phenomics’ state-of the-art research facility. The course will use examples from the most commonly used mazes and tests. If you notify the trainer in advance we can make sure that the tests you carry out will be specifically dealt with.

    This training differentiates from “normal” trainings since it offers the possibility to directly ask your questions to staff who have worked with EthoVision for many years. The trainers know all the practical tricks involved with tracking animals during standard tests. Participants will have the chance to experience how behavioral experiments are conducted in a professional lab like that of a contract research company.

    Previous participants were very enthusiastic about this training. Some testimonials:

    “A useful training experience with interesting practical tips that can be directly applied in our own research.” Participant from Vrije Universiteit Brussel

    “The training day at Delta Phenomics is a compressed course of practical and theoretical skills that you definitely need to take when you practice behavioral research at a high level. I can absolutely recommend this course to all people who are new in the field of behavioral phenotyping.” Participant from Marburg University

    "The training, theoretical as well as practical, was held by well-prepared trainers with very good skills and a broad knowledge." Participant of Boehringer-Ingelheim GmbH & Co.KG, Germany

    Visit the website for information and registration: