• Successful collaboration for Hémarina and Stérigenics

    Hémarina is a French company focusing on research and development of marine oxygen carriers for therapeutic and industrial applications. They applied for a voucher to collaborate with the Belgian company Stérigenics. The development of one of their products, HEMO2Life®, has taken a step forward thanks to the IN2Lifesciences voucher. 

    HEMO2Life® is a medical device that allows for better organ preservation. For the safety of the patient, the device needs to be completely free of viruses and bacteria. Stérigenics can offer an irradiation method that sterilizes the device, without damaging the hemoglobin molecules. The voucher was used to validate that the method Stérigenics proposed works for Hémarina’s device. After a successful collaboration, a multi-year contract is about to be signed between the two parties. 

    Solène le Garlantezec (Quality Insurance Manager): “Even without IN2LifeSciences, we would have completed these crucial steps, but it would have been at the expense of other products under development. It’s really profitable for a young company like Hémarina to get that kind of easily accessible support, all the more as it does not affect the cash flow”.

  • International matchmaking during STERN-Forum

    On the 29th of April the STERN-Forum "Innovation and biomaterials" took place at the "Haus der Wirtschaft” in Stuttgart. The event focused on the projects Biomat-IN and IN2LifeSciences and attracted 46 participants from France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Denmark.

    In the plenary sessions the three key-speakers addressed the topic “Innovation and Biomaterials” from different perspectives:

    • Professor Boccaccini: "Biomaterials in Bone Tissue regeneration and biofabrication: advances and challenges"

    • Dr. Peters: „Biobased Materials for a sustainable industry of the 21st century“

    • Dr. Akra: „Clinical Data Requirements in Europe“

    During the STERN-Forum visitors were given the possibility to do some effective matchmaking and networking and to visit the regional entrepreneurs' exhibition. Joline, Amedrix, Bentley Innomed, HB Technologies, Rollerwerk and the Fraunhofer IPA presented their know-how and had one-on-one meetings with the participants.  

    During the Entrepreneur-Pitching-Session seven entrepreneurs from five partner regions had the chance to present their own company. They could introduce their technology solutions through an offer, or their technology needs through a request.

    The event was supported by Interreg IVB.

  • STERN-FORUM: Innovation and Biomaterials

    The STERN-Forum “Innovation and Biomaterials” will take place on the 29th of April in Stuttgart.

    Interspersed between the plenary sessions entrepreneurs from all partner regions of the Biomat-IN and IN2LifeSciences projects will have the chance to present their own company in a short pitching session where they can introduce their technology solutions through an offer or their technology needs through a request.

    Be part of the STERN-Forum “Innovation and Biomaterials” and take the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs from the different partner regions of the two EU-projects (Biomat-IN and IN2LifeSciences), establish new contacts for future collaborations and apply for one of the vouchers under these schemes!

    Register here. This event is free of charge and is supported by Interreg IVB.

    For more information please contact your regional access broker.