• US market access workshop (by Biopeople)

    From the evaluation form that was sent around we can conclude that the participants were very glad about the workshop on 11-12 October, the way it was organised as well as the content. 

    Biopeople will now start preparing the next steps for access to the US market: a company visit to the US, probably in the first week of December. 

    For more information contact Sophie Labrosse.

    US market access workshop @ Copenhagen US market access workshop @ Copenhagen US market access workshop @ Copenhagen

  • Information session (by Atlanpole Biotherapies)

    30 people from the Atlanpole Biotherapies cluster gathered on the 4th of October, to discuss the international activities in 2013 and to take a first look at the recently launched IN2LifeSciences project.

    The 2-hour meeting took place during the more general International Connecting Day, organised by the Chamber of Commerce of Nantes-Saint Nazaire.

    Some pictures were taken during the informative workshop. These can be found in the photo gallery.

  • Life Sciences network meeting

    On 20 September 2012 many entrepreneurs attended the life sciences network meeting organised by LifeTecZONe and Health Valley. The attendees could listen to the possibilities for international collaboration...

    Check the IN2LifeSciences event calendar regularly for network events in your region!

    LifeTecZONe and Health Valley network meeting