• IN2LS breakfast meeting

    On 16 April 2013 IN2LifeSciences organised a breakfast meeting in Rennes. 10 SMEs participated in the meeting.

    The presentation can be found here: 
    Some pictures have been published as well (photos).

  • Deadline postponed (call for incentives)

    2 April 2013 - Due to a technical issue the website has been offline during the weekend (Easter). We therefore offer SMEs additional opportunity to submit their request for the first call.
    The deadline is postponed until this Friday - April 5th - midnight. 

  • Successful transnational event: IN2LifeSciences helps form contacts

    Spontaneous networking

    (Stuttgart) – The EU project IN2LifeSciences (IN2LS) promotes new business relationships between small and mid-sized businesses on one hand, and research bodies on the other. This is done using a voucher system. To establish new contacts and build on existing relationships, BioRegio STERN Management GmbH and its European project partners invited people to attend an event held at Landesmesse Stuttgart on 27 February.

    As part of the MEDTEC Europe trade fair, entrepreneurs and scientists from BioRegion STERN met with their counterparts from partner regions in Denmark, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. In particular, a “Dutch Business Lunch” organised in conjunction with the Stuttgart Netherlands Business Support Office (NBSO) offered an opportunity to intensify German-Dutch relations.

    Featuring company presentations and an Open Innovation Session, the event aimed to generate new contracts between the regions, especially in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical technology and bioinformatics. An open discussion and meeting event inspired enthusiastic conversation and exchanges. “Some very different sectors from a whole range of countries have come together here to share their common interest in international cooperation,” says Dr. Kauer.

    A presentation can be found here: Philips Innovation Services for In2lifesciences.pdf

    Pictures of the event can be found here: