• Career opportunity - Post-doctoral position in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering

    *Application deadline: 15th of July 2013*

    The laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Immuno-Endocrinology (IECM Unit, ONIRIS/Nantes University/INRA, based on the Oniris campus, Nantes Atlantic College of Veterinary Medicine, Food Science and Engineering, France) is recruiting a postdoctoral researcher in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.

    New macro-encapsulation solutions for production of a bioartificial endocrine pancreas using xenogeneic pancreatic Langerhans islets from SPF piglets. The scientific objective of the project is to develop, evaluate and characterize original encapsulation devices for pig pancreatic islets. The clinical aim of the project is to develop a GMP/GLP xenogeneic cell based therapy for curing brittle diabetes type I or severe diabetes with unexpected hypoglycemia. Various biomaterials will be evaluated, including hydrogels. Cell-encapsulating biomaterial physical (permeability, stability, mechanical resistance) and biological (biocompatibility, preservation of cell phenotype, insulin secretion, protection against host immune response) properties will be evaluated in vitro and in vivo in type 1 diabete animal models (mice and then Non-Human Primates). This project will result in the standardization of an optimal protocol necessary to launch a phase I/IIa clinical trial within 3 years.

    Postdoctoral Researcher – Post-doctoral Researcher – Applicants with a Ph.D. in tissue engineering/regenerative medicine, cell therapy or cell encapsulation, pancreatic islet graft, transplantation immunology or a related field with a significant post-doctoral experience (2 years at least). The duration of the academic contract is for 2 years, with a possibility for extension to2 more years within a biotechnology company. The project requires collaborating with leaders in the field of transplantation immunology, pig transgenesis, diabetes and biopolymer encapsulation. The selected applicant will join a multidisciplinary team of scientists, engineers and clinicians working in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine in Oniris, Nantes University, Inserm and Nantes University Hospital (CRTI/ITUN-INSERM 1064)i.

    Salary based on experience (funding in the frame of the “Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire/Investissements d’Avenir” grant dedicated to the European Center for Transplantation Sciences & Immunotherapy, Nantes, France).

    Please send your application letter and résumé (in French or English) both to:

    Prof. Jean-Marie Bach Immuno-endocrinology Unit EA4644 Univ./ONIRIS USC INRA Pathophysiology department ONIRIS-Nantes-Atlantic College of Veterinary Medicine and Food Sciences

    Dr David Riochet Center for Research in Transplantation and Immunology (CRTI) ITUN-INSERM UMR 1064 Hôpital Hôtel Dieu – Nantes University Hospital

  • Biomedica 2013 - Where Science & Business meet

    More than 1,000 participants have enjoyed the 7th edition of the Biomedica Summit which was held at the Eurogress in Aachen (Germany) on 19 June 2013.

    Biomedica 2013 key topics have been:

    Biopharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals
    Medical devices & care
    Business development & product innovations
    Satellite conference: "How to enter the US market"

    Biomedica Brokerage event 

    98 companies have participated. 367 meetings have been organized in total. IN2LifeSciences had 31 contacts during the matchmaking event and at the booth.  

  • Boost your business and networking activities in Regenerative Medicine

    Boost your business and networking activities in Regenerative Medicine on the 19th of September in Nantes, France!

    The TERM project supported by the European Commission comes to its end. On this special occasion, European SMEs, research units, training specialist or investors involved in the development of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine are invited to attend the final workshop and the joint B2B event. A unique opportunity to meet with partners from across Europe and identify new collaboration and customers

    Additional information and registration: