• CINOGY can take first steps into Danish market with help of IN2LS

    CINOGY GmbH was established as a spin-off from the Laboratory for Laser and Plasma Technology of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Göttingen in 2006. CINOGY GmbH specializes in the development and production of innovative plasma processes and products in the fields of medicine and cosmetics. IN2LifeSciences was able to bring the company together with a Danish expert who will be able to deliver recommendations for a future approach in the Danish market. In this respect, IN2LifeSciences could lower the risk for the company to take its first steps into the Danish market.

  • InnatOss Laboratories gets valuable insight from Numerus

    The Dutch company InnatOss is conducting research for new alternative blood tests for ‘neglected diseases’ Lyme and Q fever. Especially research on Q fever plays an important role at the moment in the province of Brabant. For specific research to get insight into the scope of Q-fever in Brabant, InnatOss has applied for an IN2Lifesciences incentive.

    With the voucher and the help of BOM, InnatOss got in contact with the German company Numerus, a company specialized in statistical analysis of clinical trials. Numerus has given InnatOss valuable advice and expertise in how to gather and analyze data. It enabled them to take a step forward in their testing method of Q-fever. 

    Anja Garritsen, CEO of InnatOss: “BOM matched us with the German Numerus, a data-analyst usually working for big pharmaceutical companies. When we as a small company contacted them, we were taken seriously and received valuable advise concerning our data analysis.” She also hopes to have an entrance for the German market: “It might be a benefit for us that a well-known German company has been involved in our testing method.”

  • Successful collaboration for Hémarina and Stérigenics

    Hémarina is a French company focusing on research and development of marine oxygen carriers for therapeutic and industrial applications. They applied for a voucher to collaborate with the Belgian company Stérigenics. The development of one of their products, HEMO2Life®, has taken a step forward thanks to the IN2Lifesciences voucher. 

    HEMO2Life® is a medical device that allows for better organ preservation. For the safety of the patient, the device needs to be completely free of viruses and bacteria. Stérigenics can offer an irradiation method that sterilizes the device, without damaging the hemoglobin molecules. The voucher was used to validate that the method Stérigenics proposed works for Hémarina’s device. After a successful collaboration, a multi-year contract is about to be signed between the two parties. 

    Solène le Garlantezec (Quality Insurance Manager): “Even without IN2LifeSciences, we would have completed these crucial steps, but it would have been at the expense of other products under development. It’s really profitable for a young company like Hémarina to get that kind of easily accessible support, all the more as it does not affect the cash flow”.