• Boosting innovation in life sciences - final brochure

    For more than two years, representatives of eight life sciences clusters have worked together closely to help SMEs innovate across borders, speed up their business processes and facilitate lasting relationships. Key bottlenecks for many SMEs resulted from issues of financing or getting a product to market. IN2LifeSciences was about helping them to overcome these specific issues and move one step forward. In each case, we did this by stimulating cross-border cooperation and innovation.

    Supported by Interreg 4B NWE and other financers, this project contributes to a more cohesive EU society because it is based on the cooperation of people from different countries to work on Life Sciences and Medical Technology innovations that touch the lives of citizens in northwest Europe. The project helps SMEs gain access to organisations abroad with the tools, expertise or resources needed to overcome their innovation bottlenecks. To facilitate these processes the project has organized market access webinars, workshops, events and four calls for proposals.

    IN2LifeSciences provided:
    • Easy-to-obtain financial incentives (worth €500, €4000 and €7000) that help SMEs begin collaborations with relevant experts, facilities or investors abroad
    • An Access Broker Network: single points of contact for each region, serving as easy-to-reach entry points to experts, facilities and funding abroad
    • International brokerage workshops and open innovation events to help SMEs find relevant organizations to collaborate with
    • An online directory of relevant facilities and experts in the eight IN2LifeSciences regions
    • Transnational elevator pitch events to help SMEs access foreign investors
    • Market access webinars

    All calls for incentives have now ended. To date, 317 requests for incentives have been received and assessed by the partners of which 228 have been approved: 108 Meet & Greet incentives, 45 Insight incentives and 75 Collaboration incentives. We not only realized around 230 cross-border matches between companies and providers, but also helped companies sell their product in different markets and give them insights into financial engineering abroad.

    This brochure contains 16 examples of best practices for cross-border collaboration to date. We hope you enjoy reading about the impact of this European Interreg programme.

  • Revolutionary personalized therapy for liver cancer patients

    IN2LifeSciences helped Dutch research firm Quirem Medical work together with German regulatory consultants Capamed. The collaboration aims to help Quirem to obtain the required certification for software used in their revolutionary therapy for liver cancer. Due to the small number of companies active in the Radiotherapy field, specific regulatory compliances are needed to ensure treatments meet European specifications.

    Jan Sigger, Quirem CEO: “Through the collaboration of Quirem Medical and Capamed, a company with unique understanding of our situation, we’ll be able to offer physicians software to accurately identify, target and evaluate tumors both prior to and after treatment. This yields significant benefits for patients with liver cancer.

    IN2LifeSciences is a highly effective catalyst for companies in driving their innovations to the next level by extending their partner base.”

  • Enerban and Bakasable create user-friendly app to monitor health indicators

    Belgian SME Enerban develops a range of connected devices and services dedicated to 'health and care’, with a state−of−the−art cloud infrastructure giving users access from anywhere. Assisted by a virtual companion, Miiya, Enerban's users can effortlessly monitor a set of health indicators.

    Enerban first focused on carefully defining which kind of user experience they were looking for. That work allowed Bakasable (Pays de la Loire, France) to create an application architecture that catered to Enerban's specific needs. Finally, Bakasable produced the look and feel of the app, paying much attention to ergonomics and simplicity.