• Successful matchmaking and networking at Medica

    On the 23rd of April, 2015 a successful matchmaking event took place at Medica in Stuttgart within the framework of IN2LifeSciences.

    Following Dutch and German participants contributed:
    Brainport Industries
    ITB Precisie
    Frencken Allmep
    Technobis Mechatronics
    Sioux CCM
    KMHWE Precisie
    Maier Präzision
    Elix Polymers
    Axon Cable & Interconnect
    Rohit Springforms

    Also some active networking occured during the 'Xing Gruppentreffen Medizintechnik' in de VIP-lounge with approximately 40-50 German participants.

  • The Biomedica Life Sciences Summit 2015 in Belgium

    New focus on interactions between scientists and entrepreneurs (press release)

    This year, the 9th edition of the most important Life Sciences Summit in the Euregio, with the focus on health innovations, is taking place on 2nd and 3rd June 2015 at the C-Mine in Genk, Belgium. Around 1,000 professional visitors are already expected to attend. This expo, encompassing 2,000m² floorspace is where business meets science. A special feature of Biomedica 2015 is the emphasis on crossovers; innovative formats for discussion and exchange to foster the interaction between entrepreneurs, scientists and investors.

    Novelties at the Biomedica Summit
    To review and discuss current trends and innovations, international opinion leaders are invited as key note speakers. Among the speakers is Prof. Dr. Jo De Boeck, CTO and senior vice president of Imec, who will present his expertise in the field of Medtech/Caretech, holding a presentation on “Silicon health care, made to measure”. To share the U.S. experience, Dr. Steven A. Wartman, president of the Association of Academic Health Centres International (AAHCI), will illustrate the challenges and opportunities for academic health centres. Subsequent debates are initiated with the goal to develop new action plans and interactions to approach the emerging challenges and opportunities for the Euregio and beyond. 

    The new format of Biomedica enables scientists and entrepreneurs to present their ventures and products during roughly 50 pitches to a proficient audience of scientists, entrepreneurs and investors, offering various opportunities for interaction. There are still open slots for pitchers with innovative ideas, products or projects; the applications of regional companies are welcome. 

    To promote the understanding of patient preferences and induce new collaborations between the different stakeholders, Biomedica 2015 organizes multi-disciplinary I-sessions with the focus on integration of care. Here, medical specialists, scientists, patients, homecare professionals, business experts and policy makers will discuss desired health innovation topics in the fields of cardiovascular diseases, neurodegeneration, fertility, infection and chronic diseases.

    Biomedica Award 
    Collaborating companies and academic institutions will be rewarded for innovative application oriented research, or scientific projects in the field of life sciences, medical technology and biotechnology. The award aims to create synergies between companies and academic institutions in order to accelerate the process of introducing scientific ideas into the market. The best project linking business, innovation and science will be honoured with the Biomedica Award and receives a prize of 5,000 euro. 

    Biomedica also supports talented scientists and students who can display posters illustrating their innovations. In three different categories, authors of the best poster presentations are selected by a qualified jury and acknowledged with a prize of 500 euro.

    Euregio Summit
    For the past nine years, Biomedica has been the most successful branch summit in the life sciences field. The event venue and organisational management is shared by the network partners from the Netherlands (Maastricht University, TU Eindhoven, LifetecZOne), Germany (TEMA Technologie Marketing AG, Jülich Research Centre, RWTH Aachen, Lifetec Aachen-Jülich) and Belgium (Liège University, Leuven’s Catholic University, Hasselt University and LifetechLimburg). The previous Biomedica took place last year in June at the MECC in Maastricht.

    All relevant information is available on the website

    Careers and Networking
    The dedicated student track will introduce junior and senior Life Science and Health students to the dynamic Life Science activities within the Euregio. Career opportunities in the Euregio will be presented to Master and PhD students.  At the job fair companies will present vacancies and sought profiles for future employees. In the course of the exhibition scientists and entrepreneurs may come into contact with business partners or schedule business meetings during the matchmaking.

  • Boosting innovation in life sciences - final brochure

    For more than two years, representatives of eight life sciences clusters have worked together closely to help SMEs innovate across borders, speed up their business processes and facilitate lasting relationships. Key bottlenecks for many SMEs resulted from issues of financing or getting a product to market. IN2LifeSciences was about helping them to overcome these specific issues and move one step forward. In each case, we did this by stimulating cross-border cooperation and innovation.

    Supported by Interreg 4B NWE and other financers, this project contributes to a more cohesive EU society because it is based on the cooperation of people from different countries to work on Life Sciences and Medical Technology innovations that touch the lives of citizens in northwest Europe. The project helps SMEs gain access to organisations abroad with the tools, expertise or resources needed to overcome their innovation bottlenecks. To facilitate these processes the project has organized market access webinars, workshops, events and four calls for proposals.

    IN2LifeSciences provided:
    • Easy-to-obtain financial incentives (worth €500, €4000 and €7000) that help SMEs begin collaborations with relevant experts, facilities or investors abroad
    • An Access Broker Network: single points of contact for each region, serving as easy-to-reach entry points to experts, facilities and funding abroad
    • International brokerage workshops and open innovation events to help SMEs find relevant organizations to collaborate with
    • An online directory of relevant facilities and experts in the eight IN2LifeSciences regions
    • Transnational elevator pitch events to help SMEs access foreign investors
    • Market access webinars

    All calls for incentives have now ended. To date, 317 requests for incentives have been received and assessed by the partners of which 228 have been approved: 108 Meet & Greet incentives, 45 Insight incentives and 75 Collaboration incentives. We not only realized around 230 cross-border matches between companies and providers, but also helped companies sell their product in different markets and give them insights into financial engineering abroad.

    This brochure contains 16 examples of best practices for cross-border collaboration to date. We hope you enjoy reading about the impact of this European Interreg programme.