Forge partnerships around north-west Europe, speeding up your innovation.

About IN2LifeSciences
IN2LifeSciences -a transnational project- gives SMEs in the health sector (biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical technology and nutrition for human and animal health) in 8 leading life sciences regions in North-West Europe easy access to a wide range of public and private experts and facilities. IN2LifeSciences is the follow-up of the successful FASILIS project in which 67 international life sciences cooperations have been initiated, some with impressive spin-offs. 

IN2LifeSciences enables SMEs to work with providers of expertise and equipment beyond those currently available at the regional level. 

Key to the project are innovation bottle necks within SMEs, whether these are technological, financial or related to marketing a new product or service in a foreign market. IN2LifeSciences will help to connect SMEs to a relevant expert or provider in the IN2LifeSciences network.

Easy to obtain financial incentives
To stimulate actual contact and cooperation there were 3 types of incentives available for SMEs in the 8 IN2LifeSciences regions that are looking for innovation support: 

  • Meet & Greet incentives: up to €500 for SMEs to travel and meet relevant organisations in other regions. Applications for these incentives should be submitted and approved before the meet & greet activity takes place!
  • Insight incentives of €4.000 to exchange staff, receive training or contract experts to gather insight (on markets, technology, IPR, etc.)
  • Collaboration incentives of  €7.000 for an actual collaboration on an innovative new product or service

In the menu on the right, you will find the application form for the Meet & Greet incentive. SMEs that wish to take part in the project, can contact their Regional Access Broker. The guidelines for applicants (full documentation) can be found under 'downloads'.