• Boosting innovation in life sciences

    For more than two years, representatives of eight life sciences clusters have worked together closely to help SMEs innovate across borders, speed up their business processes and facilitate lasting relationships. Key bottlenecks for many SMEs resulted from issues of financing or getting a product to market. IN2LifeSciences was about helping them to overcome these specific issues and move one step forward. In each case, we did this by stimulating cross-border cooperation and innovation.

    Supported by Interreg 4B NWE and other financers, this project contributes to a more cohesive EU society because it is based on the cooperation of people from different countries to work on Life Sciences and Medical Technology innovations that touch the lives of citizens in northwest Europe. The project helps SMEs gain access to organisations abroad with the tools, expertise or resources needed to overcome their innovation bottlenecks. To facilitate these processes the project has organized market access webinars, workshops, events and four calls for proposals.

    IN2LifeSciences provided:
    • Easy-to-obtain financial incentives (worth €500, €4000 and €7000) that help SMEs begin collaborations with relevant experts, facilities or investors abroad
    • An Access Broker Network: single points of contact for each region, serving as easy-to-reach entry points to experts, facilities and funding abroad
    • International brokerage workshops and open innovation events to help SMEs find relevant organizations to collaborate with
    • An online directory of relevant facilities and experts in the eight IN2LifeSciences regions
    • Transnational elevator pitch events to help SMEs access foreign investors
    • Market access webinars